Two Novels by Peter Handke

ISBN: 0380480336
ISBN 13: 9780380480333
By: Peter Handke

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Reader's Thoughts


This awful edition (the kind with a bad cover and one that hurts your thumb to keep open while reading the words nearly in the spine) includes two great novels: "A Moment of True Feeling" and "The Left-Handed Woman". In "A Moment", a man dreams of committing murder, then wakes to feel emptiness about his life. He wanders the streets of Paris trying to find meaning. It's full of rich commonplace sensation thats under our nose everyday. He watches people, watches things happen, listens to things, senses. My favorite kind of which nothing really happens but everything does. He really describes events with their own inevitable action that his character can't seem to find.A "Left-Handed Woman" is more about a woman facing loneliness when she sends her husband away. Again full of sensation. But really reveals how banal things get without everyone else mucking things up. The character becomes so indecisive and unresolved.

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