Una Semana De Invierno

ISBN: 8478888489
ISBN 13: 9788478888481
By: Marcia Willett

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Reader's Thoughts


I'm a huge Rosamund Pilcher fan, and Willett'swriting reminded me greatly of RP's. A deliciousescape to the English countryside. The story wrapsup a bit too neatly, but in the end, that is part ofits many charms : )

Diane Davis

Absolutely wonderful... I love English novels.. Marcia Willett is so descriptive that you feel that you are right there in the English Countryside... This is the second book that I have read of hers and fully intend to read them all.


This was my first Marcia Willett book & I liked it well enough to read most of her other books. I am a sucker for anything Irish, & Willett provides. Still it wasn't until I found The Chadwick Chronicles that I became a true fan. If you like Maeve & Rosamunde, you'll like Marcia!

Mary Curry

This book was a look at love from many directions. Maudie is a widowed second wife, haunted by things her husband said to his daughter before he died. Selina is her stepdaughter, driven in by hatred for and jealousy of her stepmother, and consequently driving away her husband and children. Posy is Selina's daughter, who, despite her mother's scheming, has a close relationship with her step-grandmother. Throw into the mix a farmhouse in Cornwall that Maudie is having remodeled to sell; Rob, the remodeling contractor who becomes obsessed with the house; Melissa, who comes to look at Moorgate and falls in love with both it and Rob; and Mike, a famous playwrite and novelist who ties everything together. The journey is leisurely, but all the questions are answered and the ending is extremely satisfying. The perfect book to read when you just want to relax, but keep some Kleenex handy.

Jina Howell-Forbes

This is a great story of love and loss, and goodness and hope. There were many complex characters to love and root for. There were also a few to dislike, which I believe is an important ingredient in a good story. The story is set in Scotland, with wonderful scenic descriptions. That's always an added bonus in my opinion.


I put in a request at the library for A week in Winter--by Maeve Binchy. This is what I ended up with--Willett is not as good a writer as Binchy by a long shot although I think her last few book are not as good as those she wrote earlier. A rather large cast of characters, all interconnected the meetings of which tell the story. Dressed up Harlequin!!


I had read this years ago and found it on my bookshelf. I didn't remember anything about it...because it's not very memorable. It has a good story, but now I know I can get rid of the book.


Loved it! Reminded me of Rosamund Pilcher's Shellseekers. One of those books where you have the atlas out so you can follow the characters through the story. I'll definitely look for more by this author.


Well. Went to the libe on this HOT Saturday looking for fluff to read, and I found some! Better yet, this was COLD fluff--Cornwall in winter. It's nicely written Grandma bookage, really, the kind of book you'd be happy to find in a rental. REALLY reminds me of Rosamund Pilcher and Maeve Binchy, but in a respectful, not a cheap ripoff, way. Fun read. I have another of hers, set in the summer, to read next. Yeehah!

Lynn Shurden

I've just discovered this author and this is her first novel that was published in America. If you like an English setting and a good story, this is it. There's mystery, family and love. What more could one ask for. I plan to immediately find more of her books to read.


I'd never heard of this book or its author, but I found it on clearance at B&N and was intrigued enough to pick it up. All in all, it was okay. I'm not sure whether I'll read it again.PROS: The imagery (the novel is set in the English countryside) was GORGEOUS. The author really makes you feel as if you were there. The characters were relatable and likable, and the conclusion was tidy and generally happy. The story is told from several perspectives, which I enjoyed.CONS: Adultery plays a major role in this novel. Though it's not glamourized, I wish it had been left out. Also, there are mentions of sex, though there are no graphic scenes of any kind - rather it's mentioned in passing. Neither of these elements were necessary and lowered my opinion of the book. Also, it's rather slow moving - I never felt as though I couldn't wait to get back to it. Still, I was obviously enamored enough to finish when it wasn't even on my 'currently reading' list...


I invested into more than halfway through this audio and decided it wasn't for me. While the house is prominently mentioned in the story, it was used as a catalyst for family situations rather than a character-like presence, which I wasn't expecting.And, this may be spoiler-ish, it involves a character with a terminal illness. I generally read books to be entertained and for everyone to find their HEA. So, if this kind of stuff doesn't matter, it is well written, reminded me alot of Rosamunde Pilcher.


Marcia Willett is a worthy successor to Rosamund Pilcher: romances with character. I've also heard her compared to Maeve Binchy, but her books do not have the regional Irish lilt that Binchy's do. This is one of her best novels.

Louise Walsh

A nice read. I enjoyed it.

Angie Swain

Great read for a rainy day. Lots of human interest and great characters - some good, some bad, and some, like most of us, a bit of both. I will look out for more books by this author

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