Una Semana De Invierno

ISBN: 8478888489
ISBN 13: 9788478888481
By: Marcia Willett

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Reader's Thoughts


Loved this book, can't wait to get started on the next one. Marcia Willett writes in the same manor as Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher whom I love. So far if anything, I am enjoying her even more.

Liz Lyden

From Amazon, Moorgate is an enchanting old country house that belongs to Maudie Todhunter, a spirited widow who has been holding on to the place for the sake of her beloved granddaughter. But Maudie can no longer afford a second home, so she reluctantly puts it up for sale. Moorgate immediately attracts more buyers than Maudie knows what to do with. The first is Selina, her stepdaughter, who has never seen eye-to-eye with Maudie on anything. The second potential buyer is Rob Abbot, a contractor who has lovingly restored every nook and cranny and who is embarrassed by his own passionate devotion to the house. The third is Melissa Clayton, a young woman with a sad, sad secret who discovers at Moorgate all she's ever wanted.Pleasant read. Would like to try other books by author since she is compared to Maeve Binchey and Rosamund Pilcher.


Amor a primera vista+enfermedad mortal= si me lo dices antes claramente, ese tiempo que me hubiera ahorrado.Dejando a un lado que no son lo mío las novelas románticas per se, y que ésta promete intimismo pero da más tono rosa que otra cosa, lo cierto es que para mi gusto esta novela exagera con los flechazos y el drama.Menos mal que se deja leer y la cosa pasa pronto, porque al dos llega justita.


It wasn't a bad story, but I believe the book was way longer than it needed to be. The author dragged out the story so long that I was beginning to wonder why she titled the book as she did. It was a nice story though.

Pam Newhouse

I liked this book,and the characters were very real. I plan on reading more by this author


I'm a huge Rosamund Pilcher fan, and Willett'swriting reminded me greatly of RP's. A deliciousescape to the English countryside. The story wrapsup a bit too neatly, but in the end, that is part ofits many charms : )


Loved it! Reminded me of Rosamund Pilcher's Shellseekers. One of those books where you have the atlas out so you can follow the characters through the story. I'll definitely look for more by this author.


If you are a fan of Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher, you will enjoy this story. This author has a down to earth style, which engages you through the entire book.Relationships are opened up in a family - Maude decides to sell Moorgate after being widowed for a year. Hector, her husband, had children from his first marriage and one of the girls, Selina, wants to buy Moorgate (which is situated on the edge of the moor in Cornwall).But Rob, the contractor who has been renovating the property, has a passion for the house as well. Into the story comes Melissa, a young woman dying of cancer. After she has seen the property advertised for sale, she decides it would be the perfect place for her brother Mile, and his young son Luke.Once she sees the house, she falls in love with the place and Rob also, and makes plans to buy the house, quickly before she dies. Her death shatters Rob, as he was not aware of her illness.Other characters make the story as well, and this book is very enjoyable.


Set in England, this book tells the story of Moorgate and the love affair of a young couple at this lonely estate. It is also the story of Maudie, widow of Hector, and her new do Polonius. Many stories are interwoven in this story, all very well told. A really good book, quite unlike those I usually read.


I put in a request at the library for A week in Winter--by Maeve Binchy. This is what I ended up with--Willett is not as good a writer as Binchy by a long shot although I think her last few book are not as good as those she wrote earlier. A rather large cast of characters, all interconnected the meetings of which tell the story. Dressed up Harlequin!!

Mary Curry

This book was a look at love from many directions. Maudie is a widowed second wife, haunted by things her husband said to his daughter before he died. Selina is her stepdaughter, driven in by hatred for and jealousy of her stepmother, and consequently driving away her husband and children. Posy is Selina's daughter, who, despite her mother's scheming, has a close relationship with her step-grandmother. Throw into the mix a farmhouse in Cornwall that Maudie is having remodeled to sell; Rob, the remodeling contractor who becomes obsessed with the house; Melissa, who comes to look at Moorgate and falls in love with both it and Rob; and Mike, a famous playwrite and novelist who ties everything together. The journey is leisurely, but all the questions are answered and the ending is extremely satisfying. The perfect book to read when you just want to relax, but keep some Kleenex handy.


This was a fun, light read, and made me very happy to feel like I was in the English countryside as I read it. I had a hard time with some of the implausibility of the subplots, and with the family dynamics, particularly Selina/Maudie. However, I enjoyed listening to this book and will happily look for other similar, easy summer reads like this one.

Lynn Shurden

I've just discovered this author and this is her first novel that was published in America. If you like an English setting and a good story, this is it. There's mystery, family and love. What more could one ask for. I plan to immediately find more of her books to read.


I loved this story. Loved it. I was sad when I finished the book, because I am going to miss the characters so much!The story centers around Maudie, her family and friends. After being widowed, Maudie is forced to put Mooregate, the family holiday home on the market. This triggers a chain of events that will affect the lives of all of them.The story is about famlies, and love and secrets kept and secrets revealed. It's about how a decision we make today can affect so many lives.If you want a great summer read...this is the one!!


A 3.5. Excellent description, sense of place. But character and dialogue not as strong. A pleasant read and a lovely "place."

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