Unveiling the Edge of Time: Black Holes, White Holes, Worm Holes

ISBN: 0517881705
ISBN 13: 9780517881705
By: John Gribbin

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About this book

Once the stuff of science-fiction novels, black holes, and their even stranger cosmological counterparts, white holes and worm holes, are now the subject of serious scientific inquiry. Physicists who formerly shunned these astrophysical eccentricities have begun to theorize about them and search for the physical proof of their existence with the zeal of converts. Their unavoidable conclusion of this research is that these "rips in the fabric of spacetime" are not only real, they might actually provide a passage to other universes and travel through time. Unveiling the Edge of Time tells the fascinating story of the theories and discoveries that have led scientists to these astonishing conclusions. Here, acclaimed science writer John Gribbin tells of the scientists and the ideas behind this revolution in cosmology - from the first notions of an object so large its gravity would trap even light, to the most recent developments in the search for "naked singularities" - the center of a black hole where all known laws of physics break down. Gribbin recounts for us such dramatic stories as how Carl Sagan's science-fiction search for a plausible method of hyperspace travel led a fellow physicist to make some of the most startling recent advances in relativity theory. Taking readers into new universes and across time itself, Gribbin provides remarkable descriptions of what it would be like for astronauts taking trips through each of these spacetime "holes" - what they would see and feel as they are drawn across "event horizons" and where they would arrive after passing through a singularity. With a scientist's knowledge of the facts and a writer's gift for description, John Gribbin conveys these extraordinary ideas with both excitement and clarity. The result is an intellectual adventure that will take readers to the farthest reaches of today's science.

Reader's Thoughts


Read it! You'll like it!: This is my all time favorite popular book written by a real physicist. In my opinion, it's better than Hawking's "Brief History of Time" because it not only explains the pretty well known areas of physics (black holes and such), but goes beyond this into such abstract ideas as wormholes and several interesting ways that nature might just allow time travel. It plays with your imagination the whole way through.

JWG-King Swami

loved this book


لقيت نسخة مترجمة ليه وهقراه عودة للجنون مع اينشتاين : )


Best physics and cosmology book for the non-physicist I have ever read. Does not treat you like you an ididot but also does not make you go open up the college math textbooks, either. Superb. Read it.

Tim Weakley

Glad this one is done. This is the fourth book by Gribbin that I have read, and the only one I didn't care for. I found it to drag, and head off on tangents. It just didn't make the concepts very engaging to me...which Gribbin's books have always done before.

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