Up From Here: Reclaiming the Male Spirit: A Guide to Transforming Emotions into Power and Freedom

ISBN: 006052250X
ISBN 13: 9780060522506
By: Iyanla Vanzant

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About this book

For men — and the women who love them — a guide to transformation and true powerThe world needs your light. The world needs your life. Every woman and child needs you also.Few men are taught the true spiritual essence of masculinity. In Up from Here Iyanla Vanzant empowers men with the insight and skills they need to identify, name, and understand their feelings, as well as to overcome the old patterns of behavior that result from misusing or not tapping into their emotional strength. In clear terms Vanzant shows men how to use the energy of emotions to move beyond painful, negative feelings such as rage, shame, fear, and anger to authenticity and strength.Like the phoenix, you can rise up from here, out of the ashes of the crash and burn of the past, to claim your true identity and power.By using Vanzant's "power tools" men can transform their frustrations and failures in love, life, and work into opportunities to claim their true potential and purpose.

Reader's Thoughts

M. W. Moore

Confronting one's self is a hard pill to swallow.

M. Joseph Murphy

Iyanla is the friend we all need. She is the person to sit you down firmly and gently in front of the mirror and say "now look at your crap and deal with it.

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