Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML

ISBN: 0201432897
ISBN 13: 9780201432893
By: Doug Rosenberg Kendall Scott

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About this book

This compact book helps application developers bridge the gap between the theory of the newly created Unified Software Development Process and the practical realities necessary to design and build a software system. The authors present the key ingredients of the Unified Process and demonstrate how the process was conceived to work with UML, emphasizing the application of Use Cases as a primary design tool. The book incorporates a wealth of practical experience showcased by four case studies -- a hospital information system, a video on demand system, a portfolio management system, and a vehicle navigation (IVHS) system.

Reader's Thoughts


a reference book and a must have/read for system developer working with UML. I also used it later on on my dissertation that dealt with developing a new project methodology in 2009.

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