Vegetarian: The Best Ever Recipe Collection

ISBN: 184309066X
ISBN 13: 9781843090663
By: Linda Fraser

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Reader's Thoughts

Kai Sousa

Tons of awesome recipes!


Angie Green


A few recipes do not appeal to me, but the ones I have made (and I have made quite a bit from this book) were so yummy! Even if one isn't a vegetarian, these recipes are for the most part healthy and very delicious.


This is my go-to book in the kitchen. It has everything you could ever think of when it comes to a vegetarian diet - from the nutrients found in all the different veggies to easy starter recipes to complex entrees and desserts you could use when entertaining.


I loved this book lots of pictures and great tasting new ideas. (I am not a vegetarian but I do like vegetarian meals when they are cooked right and this book dose a really good job with what I like!)

Linda Le

yes, cookbooks like this one keep me hopeful that one day i too can claim that i'm a vegetarian...but i HIGHLY doubt it.

Karen Thacker

A really good vegetarian book with good pictures and easy recipes.

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