Velocidad/ Velocity (Spanish Edition)

ISBN: 9870404502
ISBN 13: 9789870404507
By: Dean Koontz

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I think somebody recommended this to me once as a mind-bending book. As soon as I remember who it was, I'll set out to dropkick them into a caldera of an active volcano.Every valuable thought in this book was written by T.S. Eliot. The protagonist is a well-read man, a once young author, who now and then ponders the moral and existential implications of his own actions; and so, whenever Koontz needs to denote those moments, he fills the once young author's inner dialogue with quotations from Eliot. Which just looks awkward and entirely incongruous — a bit like if an art student decided to enhance a painting with fragments from Dali. It does nothing for the art student's work, only makes the deficiencies of the new piece stand out much more sharply in contrast with the work of a master.All in all, “Velocity” is a story of how to defile a premise. Take an intriguing first act, escalate the underlying implications in the beginning of the second, then, by the third, attach a host of tacky Hollywood twists, paint your story like a cheap tart, kiss it goodbye and tell it to go earn you some money. Every single significant thing that happens after Billy Wiles arrives at the library is something that belongs in a mediocre popcorn flick, not in a book. Add to that an unhealthy modern-Catholic worldview that permeates the entire conversation with the reader, subtract any possibility of its examination, observe characters tutting at scientists and paying lip service to haruspicy.P.S.There seems to be some frequent poetic significance attached to the new moon that Billy notices at night. It even makes an appearance during the last words before the epilogue. Mr. Koontz, there's no such thing on this planet as new moon at night. Just doesn't happen. It's the one lunar phase that comes and goes with the sun. Your characters can find an obscure mention of a crime without knowing any specifics beforehand in the space of a few minutes on Google, you can't spare five minutes to google this?


Velocity is the first Dean Koontz novel that I have read, primarily because he writes in a genre I am not particularly fond of. Actually that’s not really true – I like a good thriller, but I am a pretty squeamish kind of guy, and Koontz (or so the book blurbs would imply) has a tendency to delve into the darker and more horrific sides of human nature. Having said that, I must admit I really enjoyed Velocity. I couldn’t put it down, turning the pages into the wee small hours of the morning.Generally, I don’t like serial killer books. So with that knowledge you’re probably wondering why or how I came to read Velocity at all. It was pure chance. When buying another book, the store I was in was having a promotion – and I was able to select another book for free from a shelf in the store. This shelf was poorly stocked for male readers. There were quite a few ‘chic-lit’ novels, but about two that would appeal to guys like me – one of them was a reprint of Casino Royale – and those who know me, can be assured that I already have in excess of ten copies of CR, with various covers already scattered throughout the house. The other was Velocity.Apart from being a squeamish kind of guy - I dabble in graphic design, and as such, over the years have been known to comment on cover artwork, on things that ‘work’ and things that definitely ‘don’t work’. The thing here to remember is that ‘graphic design’ and ‘marketing’ are two very different disciplines, and while a book cover may be well designed, it does not necessarily follow that it reflects the nature of the story – or perhaps more importantly, sell copies of the book.The paperback edition of Velocity that I picked up (you can see the cover at the top of this post), is what I’d consider a lazy and messy design. But as a marketing tool, it is incredibly strong – but first to help explain what I mean, maybe it’s time I had a quick look at the story.The story concerns Billy Wiles who works as a bartender in the Napa Valley. Billy is an amiable enough guy, but over the years he has suffered a few hardships and setbacks. These days he keeps pretty much to himself. One evening, after finishing his shift at the bar, in the carpark, tucked under his windscreen wiper, he finds as note. Paraphrased it says:‘If you don’t take this note to the police, I will KILL a lovely blonde schoolteacher somewhere in Napa CountyIf you do take this note to the police, I will instead KILL an elderly woman.You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours’It’s a beautiful setup. Even by not acting, and ignoring the note, Billy is making a choice. He is a part of the game – with a madman – regardless if he likes it or not.But briefly, back to the cover art – the words from the note are depicted on the cover. Now graphically, it is not high art – it is quite messy. But from a marketing point of view, without having read a page, simply picking the book up, I really wanted to know which decision Billy was going to make and why? Simply, I had to buy this book. There were questions that needed to be answered.That note is really the whole setup to the story. Like it or not, Billy is drawn into a cat and mouse game against a serial killer who appears to know Billy’s moves one step before Billy even knows them.The central conceit of the book, to make the story work, is that Billy as a fourteen-year-old boy was seriously mistreated by the head police officer in Napa County, John Palmer. While Palmer is only in the story for a few pages, his spectral presence colours every move that Billy makes. Which sort of rules out the old ‘why don’t you just go to the police’ scenario. The thing here, is Koontz tells his story with such pace, while reading the story, you actually don’t question the logic and trust and go with the character of Billy.The story is very well written within the narrow scope that Koontz has chosen to place his story in. Everything is through Billy’s eyes, while this helps in understanding Billy’s perspective, it does leave the other characters motivations rather thin.It also hides the killer to the very end of the book, which works in the context of the story, but with barely any real interaction from the killer, the story lacks a certain menace. What I am clumsily alluding to is that the story lacks a villain that truly scares the pants of you. I know some people suggest that the ‘theatre of the mind’ is much scarier than what is shown or told, but I tend to believe that a hero is only as good as the villain that he is pitted against – and with the limited interaction between the main protagonists, the story does lack a certain edge.Having said all that – rather than a serial killer thriller chiller – as a fast paced, page turning psycho drama, Velocity is top-notch. Koontz sets up the boundaries and the stories conceits early, and then just runs with them for all they are worth, and the end result is damn readable – so much so, that despite my nature, I will make an effort to seek out and read more of his work. It ain’t high art – but on a cold winter’s night, it’s a good excuse to lie in bed with the doona pulled around you, and be transported to another place – just for a few hours (or if you’re like me, well into the morning).


"Life you may evade, but death you shall not." This is my first Koontz book. I had heard he was similar to Stephen King. While I'm not sure if I agree with that after reading this book, I definitely have found a great author who I'll try to continue to read. This book is a gripping, thrilling roller-coaster. An average bartender has his life dramatically change after becoming the pawn in the sick and twisted mind games of a psychopath. Koontz does a magnificent job with suspense, keeping you guessing the fate of the characters, who the killer will maliciously torture and murder next, and who the killer could be. I recommend this to any fans of this genre, and any fans of Koontz.

Matt Barker

This was a fantastic book from beginning to end. Once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down until it is all over.Publisher's SummaryBill Wile is an easygoing, hardworking guy who leads a quiet, ordinary life. But that is about to change. One evening, after his usual eight-hour bartending shift, he finds a typewritten note under the windshield wiper of his car.If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four hours to decide. The choice is yours.It seems like a sick joke, and Bill's friend on the police force, Lanny Olson, thinks so too. His advice to Bill is to go home and forget about it. Besides, what could they do even if they took the note seriously? No crime has actually been committed. But less than 24 hours later, a young blond schoolteacher is found murdered, and it's Bill's fault: he didn't convince the police to get involved. Now he's got another note, another deadline, another ultimatum...and two new lives hanging in the balance.Suddenly Bill's average, seemingly innocuous life takes on the dimensions and speed of an accelerating nightmare. The notes are coming faster, the deadlines growing tighter, and the killer becoming bolder and crueler with every communication, until Bill is isolated with the terrifying knowledge that he alone has the power of life and death over a psychopath's innocent victims. Until the struggle between good and evil is intensely personal. Until the most chilling words of all are: the choice is yours.

Radi Radev

Първият преведен на български разказ на Дийн Кунц беше публикуван във в. "Други светове". По-късно си купих "Светкавица" и останах очарован. После гледах филма "Пазители", който е създаден по роман на Кунц и бях впечатлен. По някое време прочетох и книгата "Убежище", и станах завинаги негов почитател.Дийн Кунц е писател, който чрез описания на природата и поведението на животните може да направи алюзия за мислите, намеренията и действията на своите герои.Романът "Ускорение" е дълбок, в него можем да прочетем сериозни и критични разсъждения за цялото ни общество:"От другата страна на магистралата 12-метровият дървен мъжага се напъваше да се спаси от тежките смазващи колела на индустрията, на бруталната идеология или на модерното изкуство."Главният герой в книгата трябва да си избере кой да умре. Дори бездействието му е вид избор. Лошият герой притежава ума на Ришельо, Макиавели и Ханибал Лектър. Той винаги изпреварва, предугажда и успява да убие преди Били Уайлс да реагира и да направи каквото и да е. Убиецът успява да демонстрира пълното и всеобхатно значение на думите зъл гений. Били е най-обикновен барман и не знае как да се противопостави. Отиването му в полицията е предовратено от заплахи за поредно убийство.Злият герой успява да постави добрия в безизходно положение и се опитва да го обезсърчи напълно.Кунц описва всичко това по поетичен начин:


I don't blame Koontz for writing a crappy book. I blame myself for reading it. "Twilight Eyes" is the only reason I ever pick up a Koontz novel. I keep thinking that someone with the talent to write suck a book had to have written something else worthwhile. Maybe so, but folks, this ain't it.


Velocity is another Koontz novel in which we watch the protagonist taken through more twists and turns than a person has a right to survive, yet amazingly the guy does. This story is more a story about transformation than other books by Koontz. The lead character is taken on a breakneck ride over a few days. He is taken from mild mannered bar tender to ... well you'll have to read. What I liked most about the book was watching this man become something he fears. The journey is more than it seems as the battle of wits with the antagonist progresses. What starts with a simple note with no explanation turns into a running effort to uncover who the killer is and what the motive is. Koontz does a good job of making everything relevant. There might seem to be a lot of words flowing, but so many small things become important to the overall story. As an aside, this one gave me more the spooky feeling than other books by Koontz. Even more so as it became clearer where things were headed. Not my favorite book by Koontz, but an enjoyable fairly well paced novel. I polished it off in one day.

Sara Shaw

This book was very disturbing. It began with an annoying guy named Ned telling a *tourist* how his annoying neighbor got killed by a garden gnome that looked like Ned, by trying to piss on his living room windows from Ned's roof.. So he fell and died. The irony.If you think that's too much, then don't read this book. Because much more disturbing stuff lie ahead. But no, you should definitely read this book. It got boring for one chapter which is when he visited Ivy, but the other 76 chapters were awesome.


The book striked my curiosity, my attraction to mystery, and my purse.The back cover posted a note from a nobody that told Billy Wiles to choose whether to let a lovely blond school teacher be killed if he didn't report it to the cop, or to let an old woman active in charity work die if he did bring it to the cop.As a brooding, none-of-my-business 34 year old bartender, Billy is picturized to be a very sad, calm, yet full of measurements when he had to clean up for every trace of his involvement in the the murders that kept coming to frame him as the ultimate suspect. Conversations are rare in this very thick book, letting the reader to wade into the deepest thoughts of a person like Billy (I took liberties of imagining him as a mature Richard Gere, hmm...). I like the design of the book, very strong, hugh, and simple, although I still can't really figure out the choice of the title (Koontz did mention it in the story, but that's just it.)I bought it while waiting for my friend Amelie in Gunung Agung bookstore, Blok M Plaza for only Rp 75. 000. I'm glad that I picked it out of many selections of cheap English novels there. Go Billy Wiles!


Koontz books usually entertain me quite well even though they're not mind-shattering in the least bit, but I never got into Velocity. Koontz' characters tend to be one dimensional, but still likeable, and I think the biggest flaw with this book is I really did not care for the protagonist at all. Koontz' plots are often so far out there (for the record I'm not against fantasy at all) that they relyh heavily on the reader ignoring the unrealistic parts of the plot a bit and rooting for the main character, but I did not like this character the slightest bit and I found the tidbits we learn from the character's past to be way too contrived and cheezy to buy into enough to like him. I found the ending absolutely horrible.


Velocity was the first book that I ever read by Dean Koontz. The idea of the book was original and creative. The plot alone was interesting enough to ensure that the book wouldn’t be “bad” but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t disappoint.The first chapter throws Bill into a crazy inescapable situation and you’re immediately eager to find out what Bill will chose and what the next note will bring. There are a lot of questions the reader will develop throughout the story because the source of the notes is a mystery. Unfortunately, while Koontz did a great job of pulling the reader in and building suspense, he falls short when it comes to the climax. I feel as though the mood of the book reached a plateau and then remained stagnant. The mystery’s reveal was predictable and common. While the beginning of the book flourished, it loses its gusto and dies before the story’s end.I think that Dean Koontz could have achieved a lot more with this book. Perhaps he was rushed to finish, perhaps he was sick of this particular story, or maybe he just couldn’t think of a “shocker ending”. Whatever the reasoning, this book’s potential was never meet.I give this book a 3 star rating because it was an enjoyable read. It wasn’t engrossing, it didn’t capture my thoughts while I wasn’t reading… it was just a book that I read and didn’t hate. There were good things about the book. Koontz is a phenomenal author and I doubt that anything he releases will ever be awful, but this book didn’t do him justice. While this book received the a lot of media advertisement and hype(making him a “known” author), I think this book is only credit worthy in description; not in detail.


A bartender come out to his car after his shift and finds a typewritten note that says: “If you don’t take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher somewhere in Napa County. If you do take this to note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active inn charity work. You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours.”Guess what he does. He doesn’t take it to the police, of course, he seems to really believe he is responsible for the death of one or the other of these women. When a novel starts with a premise like that, I should have known the book wasn’t worth reading. It would make a good movie, though. Lots of action. There are lots of products named in the novel, maybe a movie is what Koontz had in mind when he wrote it, money from the companies whose products are featured.


I bought this book because the synopsis sounded really good:If you don't take this note to the police...I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher....If you do...I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours.Can you imagine how spooky that would be, to have the choice of who would die, depending on what you do? Of course, Billy, the recipient of the note, thought that it was all a big joke. Until someone died. And then he got another note...and another...and another. Now, he's racing against the the clock to find out the truth before more people die.


Velocity by Dean Koontz Napa County California seems to be a quiet place were not much really happens but things change when Billy Whiles gets off work at the local bar and finds a note under his windshield stating "If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four hours to decide. The choice is yours." Billy takes the note to a friend; police officer named Lanny Olsen who dismisses the note as a sick joke. However the next day a lovely bond school teacher shows up dead in Napa County. Soon Billy begins to receive more notes giving him similar decisions and his quite life is turned upside down. Billy Whiles is a lonely bartender whose bride-to-be, Barbra, went into a coma four years earlier. He doesn’t have any close friends and passes his time doing wood work. He was previously an author however; when Barbra went into a coma he lost interest. The theme of the story is that things can change at any moment. Billy lived a quiet life but things defiantly changed when he started getting the notes. He quickly went from one of the more quiet laid back people in Napa County to someone being antagonized by a serial killer, and even drawn to kill……again. Velocity is defiantly a great action-adventure/suspense novel. It captivates and will always leave you wondering what will be around the next corner. Velocity is with out a doubt one of the best books I have ever read. Dean Koontz has defiantly created another masterpiece.


This is indeed a novel with speed incorporated! As the title Velocity hints the rhythm of the narrative. A clear fast tempo.You are barely getting comfy in your seat when you realize that you need to fasten your seatbelt right away!The premise is simple but performed in a brilliant and very entertaining way.I liked real quick the protagonist and I fear even quicker from the antagonist. Nothing is left to the chance. You will witness a carefull crafted masterful plan by the villain.I enjoyed in the way that story develops since you realize that the protagonist takes sound and reasonable decisions at each moment that he/she needs to take a choice. It's not like "Oh, for Christ's sake! Why in the world he is doing that?! He/she drives me nuts!" Oh, no, no. I think that the protagonist reacts in a very believable way.Moreover, the story is totally set in a real world ambiance, you won't met any paranormal force.The evil here is very real and truly scary with a flesh-and-blood psychopathic criminal.Also, since it's a very entertaining story and real page-turner, you will read it real quick.Highly recommended.

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