Vice Cream: Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free Delights

ISBN: 1587611996
ISBN 13: 9781587611995
By: Jeff Rogers

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Reader's Thoughts


Lot's of great dairy-free ice cream recipes. I have only made the peanut butter so far which was delicious--a little sweet but that's easily toned down.Link to the peanut butter recipe on the blog:

Lisa Vegan

There are so many good in the store non-dairy ice creams available now, but the recipes in here are good to have and fun to make. Many of the ice cream recipes have very unusual flavors that would be difficult to find ready made. There are recipes for raw ice creams and ice cream sauce toppings. This is a real recipe book with a basics section that is helpful. Most of the recipes if made as suggested are for a quart of ice cream or a cup of sauce but it's easy to change the amount of the ingredients. And seeing the recipes in here, it's then easy to get creative and make some unique creations.

Sarah Kelsey

This is the vegan guide to making ice cream, and you'd better like coconuts and cashews because those are the bases for just about every one of these recipes. I have a food intolerance to dairy, cashews, and coconut, so that means I have to convert these recipes to other ingredients. I kind of wish he had just given basic recipes for various primary ingredients (e.g. a cashew base, a coconut base, a hazelnut base, etc.) and then given instructions for variations on flavor. This book is also missing one thing I love in cookbooks: pictures. The cover is great, but that's the only picture provided.This is a great beginning book for making frozen dessert from alternative ingredients. I kind of suspect that with the raw food movement picking up steam, there will be a prettier and more varied book on this subject out soon. This book is likely to stay on my cookbook shelf until that prettier younger sister rolls out of the publisher's warehouse.

Annlouise Harris

YUMMMY!!! Great VEGAN RAW Food ice cream! Perfect for us raw-foodists that want a great treat!


Many Good recipes. Cashew cream seems to be a key ingredient. However, this book wasn't much use to me because my family is allergic to tree nuts.

Kate Lawrence

I’m writing this in the hottest part of the summer, and wish I could serve you some of Rogers’ delicious vegan ice creams. I’ve tried two so far: Black Forest (flavored with cocoa and fresh cherries) and Carrot Cake (based on carrot juice, walnuts, maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg). Both of these inspired enthusiasm bordering on ecstasy in the people I served, and other concoctions in the book sound equally wonderful. The recipes rely on cashews as the creaminess component, rather than on soy or coconut as other vegan ice creams do. A few raw recipes are included also. This little book is still in print (as of mid-2010) and would be a fabulous addition to your cookbook shelf.

Jenny D

I haven't made any thing from this book in awhile so I can't remember any specific recipes that were awesome, but I used it a bunch a number of years ago, and liked everything I made. Clear recipes with clear instructions. Most of the ice cream bases are made by soaking cashews.

Jamie Hardy

Am going hog wild with my new sorbet machine. Love these recipes! Only criticism is that they are all basically the same (literally, they are all cashew-based), with different flavors. But I'm glad I have it. Knew I'd soon have a use for those vanilla beans I smuggled back from Bali. Anyone who wants to come over for a sample, let me know. I make too much of this stuff.

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