Vice Dos and Don’ts: 10 Years of VICE Magazine’s Street Fashion Critiques

ISBN: 0446692824
ISBN 13: 9780446692823
By: Suroosh Alvi Shane Smith Gavin McInnes

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Reader's Thoughts


After awhile, it gets a little tedious, but I feel like that is the case for a lot of these kinds of books.


There are no words to express how much I adore this schadenfreudian orgy, or my undying devotion to Vice magazine and Gavin McInnes, even though he is clearly a dangerous, drug-addled, unbelievably mean prick, and did you hear that Vice finally kicked him out? Which is totally fucked, since he was one of the founding members and all that. Anyway, this book makes me HOWL with amazement, every goddamn time I read it. Please go buy it, then you'll understand.In case you haven't seen this book or the magazine, I just want to give you a taste of it. I realize that it's a little silly without the photos, but I will try to describe. WARNING: If you are easily offended, please fuck off to another review.* DON'T [a pic of a skinny girl in real low jeans, viewed from behind, with the whole top of her thong undies showing:] The only guys that are into thongs are the guys that still think girls don't poo. The rest of us are like "get your fucking shit rag out of my face lady." Why don't you wear some used tampons as earrings while you're at it??* DO [pic of a clean-cut guy in a black v-neck sweater over a pink button down:] Now we know what Outkast were talking about when they said "so fresh and so clean." You almost have to be a virgin to rock a matching pink belt and tie, but he's probably not. He probably gets a bananas amount of blow jobs.* DON'T [pic of a guy in a jaunty hat, biting his bottom lip & looking upwards:] Professional dancers have got to go. They're always wiggling around like they have to go pee, even when they're at the dinner table. Then "Ring My Bell" comes on and they lean over going, "I don't know how you can sit still like that." Get the fuck away from me, snakey man.* DO [pic of a cute girl with red terry-cloth shorts & a cut up black t-shirt:] These 70s high school shorts are going to be the death of all Western males this summer. Terry towel ones, Howe lee sheet. Can you invent some split crotch ones so we can do it without you taking them off?* DON'T [pic of a chubby guy in a red t-shirt with a yellow lightning bold on it, holding a tiny white dog:] Guy, The Flash was the fastest man alive. You're a fat pig with a faggy dog. Get a shirt with food on it or something. Right now you're a parody of how slow you are.*DO [umm, girl in a weird face-hood, all black clothes but white gloves, and a cardboard stereo hanging around her neck:] You know when you get really baked and you do a funny dance around the living room that makes your sister laugh so hard she pees herself? Some people like that moment so much they decide to do it forever.* DON'T [woman listing dangerously, prob about to fall over:] Not since the alchemists has one group of people tried so hard to defy science. Dear junkies: You cannot sleep standing up!This really is one of my all-time most favorite book ever. Or wait, that can't be true. Can that be true? It might be true. Should I hate myself if that's true? I don't think I care.

Melissa Hurwitz

One time we were returning home from a long day of air travel and I said, "You know what I want to do?"Mike said, "Get in bed and read Vice Dos and Don'ts."It's good to have someone who accepts and loves you.


anyone into "fashion" (conspicuous consumerism) should immediately be put to work hoeing weeds alongside the fucking interstate. Or better yet, marched off into some side canyon and summarily shot.


If you don't nearly or literally fall on the floor laughing when reading this book, you officially have no sense of humor.


reading this is a good thing to do when your friends are busy trying not to look like something in the don't & you're simply waiting to go the bar.


This book is a guilty pleasure. So.damn.funny. If I end up on their pages, may I be a "do".


Dos and Don'ts have been (and are) the only really good thing about vice magazine. This book is fucking hilarious and you will never have more fun sitting on the potty if you place this next to your toilet brush.


Vice is one of my favorite magazines and I savor every single issue, but I ALWAYS save the Dos & Don'ts pages for last - just like I save the frosting on a piece of birthday cake for last, 'cause, you know, that's the best freakin' part. I like to read them out loud to my old man and then we laugh and laugh. Having page after page of these little gems to enjoy is better than having a whole jar of frosting that you ain't gotta share with nobody.


Not exactly a "proud pleasure" - honestly, Vice Magazine's So-Over-It-We're-Under-It editorial tone would have cut more ice with me back a good decade or so when I considered my own opinions to be unalterable laws. That said, this book made me laugh. A lot. Even sans the crudely hilarious commentary, the parade of the misguided and the beguiling (misbeguiling?)contained in these photographs is enough to give the most inveterate fast-forwarders pause.


I'm not exactly Vice Magazine's target audience, but I picked this up at Tower Records once, and within about two minutes of opening it I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. This book is mean, but oh my goodness is it funny. The only thing is, now if I see someone wearing snow pants, for example, or a shirt printed with flames, it's really hard not to laugh out loud.

Sean Nolan

Good... if you like piictures of stuff!

mark monday

hipster jackasses critiquing and praising various hipster and non-hipster types. i should probably hate this for the smug lameness of it all BUT IT IS TOO FUCKING HILARIOUS! ah well, can't win em all. you won this round, hipsters! i bet this will be even more fun and heartwarming 20 years from now, when all the fashion do's and don'ts and all the snark have acquired a quaint retro feel. ah, hipsters....aren't they just adorable? don't you just love their floppy hair, skinny jeans, long-playing records, and fixed gears? plus they apparently know everything about everything!


Even though it hurts to read the hipster critique for too long, it still is probably good bathroom reading.


This is a collected anthology of Vice Magazines street fashion critiques. There is a whole section captured at SXSW so you may be in there. It makes me laugh so hard that for the entire first year that I owned it I kept it in my bookcase headboard only allowing myself to read it in little candy-coated doses when I really needed a laugh. Prozac on page and I was sad when I finished it.

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