Vice (V, #8)

ISBN: 0553572490
ISBN 13: 9780553572490
By: Jane Feather

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About this book

From the incomparable Jane Feather, author of national bestsellers Vanity, Violet, and Valentine, comes this enthralling new romance of daring deception and forbidden passion.Juliana drew the line at becoming a harlot. She had already begun the week as a bride...and ended it as a murderess. She was sure no one would believe that she'd hit her elderly groom with a bed warmer and knocked him quite dead by accident. So she did the only thing she could - she ran. Yet now she was in no position to turn down a shocking proposition from the dangerously handsome Duke of Redmayne: that she become one man's wife and another man's mistress - his mistress. Could she play such a role? Could she live up to such a bargain? And once she had tasted the pleasures of Redmayne's bed, would she ever want anything else.

Reader's Thoughts

Kagama-the Literaturevixen



What do you do when you accidentally kill your husband on your wedding night? If you are Juliana you run to London with no money, no contacts and hope you find a job. But suddenly you find yourself living in a bordello and “sold” to a Duke in a wild scheme that will actually make your life a lot better.This novel was a quick and easy read and will hold your attention. The only problem is I started to immensely dislike the “heroine”. Her decision making process left a lot to be desired and it got to the point where I had to side with the duke who “purchased” her. I know many historical romance readers like “strong willed” female characters, but how can you like a character that is stubborn to the point they continue to make silly decisions which always ends in harm’s way?As for the romance, I was a little disappointed the author did not take us on a “romantic journey”. Juliana and the Duke instantly lusted over each other, and love was barely mentioned, which I found odd. On the plus side, I did learn a lot about prostitution in Victorian London and the infamous red-light district of Covent Garden.


I enjoyed reading this for a second time. Juliana lived a life of unhappiness, and married an elderly man - much to her distaste - whom she accidentally kills on her wedding night. She does the first thing that comes into hear head and runs. So begins a tale of fear, excitement, and a new world that Juliana has never experienced.Enter Tarquin, the handsome Duke of Redmayne who has a proposition for Juliana, that she seems she has no choice but to accept to assist in her escape from her past and George - her obsessed step son who wants revenge for his fathers death, and who also lusts for her.Juliana falls for Tarquin and so begins a relationship which is totally different for Tarquin, as he becomes emotionally involved - something that he had never experienced previously. Their encounters are filled with exotic desires and intimacy, something that Juliana finds to be amazing. Juliana's strong personality also adds for some great adventures along the way!I felt that JF could have elaborated more on Juliana's and Tarquin's romance, but definitely worth a read!!


Had actually read this one years ago, but as I was getting ready to list it on bookmooch I realized I didn't remember it at all so have picked it up again. My cover is a bit different but I can't seem to find my edition.Interesting. Seems I forgot this once before. This had been stored and just before making it available for trade I thought I'd read it again. I remembered having read it, but not what actually happened. Julianna is pretty irritating with her insistance on having her own way- more pigheaded than independent really - bit of a miracle she comes out of it all as well as she does.


I am a huge romance fan. This book? EAH. I disliked the girl. She was very much 'poor pity me! Look what you did to me!' Then, she goes off trying to ignore everything the hero says, which puts her in middle of all these issues. She seriously blames the hero for letting her be kidnapped, because he knew she left his house when he told her not to. Seriously?It was an ok read- but I wouldn't recommend it.


I always enjoy this author when I'm in the mood for a historical romance because her characters are not weak-willed females who dither about wondering if someone loves them. Instead, she has strong female characters who find themselves in odd situations. In this novel, you will learn all about prostitution in victorian London. It is interesting and - of course - romantic.

Crystal Davis-coan

From my previous list- book


I'm never ever going to go against my better judgment and ignore reviews again. Seriously, the notes I made throughout this whole book mostly consists of 'stupid, stupid, STUPID'. Everyone in the book keeps going on about how smart and quick-witted the heroine is, but I failed to catch even a single example of a reasonably well-thought-out decision, much less anything particularly clever. Her lack of self-awareness is appalling; she has completely no notion of her own faults and barely grows as a character by the end. Then again, I can't blame her because it seems everyone else in the book is just as blind to her silliness. This book is full of idiots.Nasty personalities as her previous guardians had been, I wondered for a moment if they didn't have something there in their distaste for the heroine.

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