Victorian Details: Decorating Tips & Easy-to-Make Projects

ISBN: 1402709226
ISBN 13: 9781402709227
By: Caroll Louise Shreeve

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About this book

This celebration of Victoriana invites readers to rediscover the sublime pleasures of that singularly opulent era.  Lavish, ornate, and elegant, Victorian style was driven by the adage that “nothing should ever be done halfway.”  Focusing on the details that characterize the Victorian aesthetic—from symmetrical arrangements to layered lace cover-ups—this beautifully illustrated guidebook encourages today’s decorators to embrace the bold stylings of a more extravagant age. Replete with suggestions for introducing royal touches to even the most modest home, the book includes directions for specific projects as well as a definitive directory of resources for Victorian decorating.A Selection of the Homestyle Book Club.

Reader's Thoughts

Nicoll Campbell

Victoriana Decorating is not for the budget friendly. but they were the origins of clutter that display you interests. From snuff box collection to brooches

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