Virgin All-time Top 1000 Albums

ISBN: 0753504936
ISBN 13: 9780753504932
By: Colin Larkin

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Reader's Thoughts

Patrick Neylan

Larkin collates all the serious lists of 'top albums' and makes a master list. In that sense it's an objective list, but the write-ups of the records themselves are opinionated, as they should be. That said, he's got something good to say about everything, and he can't like them all. Such encyclopedic knowledge is impressive, and the reviews contain enough warmth and humour, even the bad ones (definition of a bad review: one I disagree with). Take the list with a pinch of salt (the best five albums of all time are shared between the Beatles and Radiohead), but the positions don't matter. It's a list of 1000 great albums with enough to get you interested in finding something new. That's the real point.

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