Walk in the Light & Twenty-Three Tales

ISBN: 1570754608
ISBN 13: 9781570754609
By: Leo Tolstoy

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About this book

Uncluttered by the complexities of plot and character that daunt so many readers of the longer Russian masterpieces, Tolstoy's tales illumine eternal truths with the forceful brevity. While inspired by the sense of spiritual certainty, their narrative quality, subtle humor, and visionary power lift them far above the common run of "religious" literature.

Reader's Thoughts


this book is soooooooooooo great :Da collection of short and lovely stories.one of them that I like it very much is "How much land does a ma need?" a really nice story


good stuff for the soul


مجموعات قصصية قصيرة و طويلة و متوسطة الطول .مأخوذة من الكتاب المقدس ..ممتعة و مؤثرة بحق ..

Faith Ann

outstanding book .


This is a book of many fine short stories from Tolstoy. They are Tolstoy's attempts to exhibit the qualities that he thought made for good, authentic art: they transmit feelings that either serve to unite people under what Tolstoy thought of as the religious consciousness of our age (the brotherhood of man and sonship to God) or unite people in universal, everyday ways. They stand in sharp contrast to Tolstoy's well-known novels (which he later repudiated--along with the vast majority of what has been considered great art--as being either counterfeit or bad). Some readers may find some of the stories to be didactic, even preachy. I generally find the more preachy stories to be the more edifying, although some of the less preachy stories are also excellent. There are a few that stand out as clearly inferior to the others. The stories are simple and their messages are clear. The best among them have the same effect as parables from the Gospels. They make a simple but powerful point or promote compassion and fellow-feeling. Very good stuff.

Waleed Alshaiji

مجموعة من القصص المسيحية المليئه بالمواعظ والحكم والصبر على البلاء الى ان تفرج من قبل الله... ولانها بانامل السيد تولوستوي فهي اسره


very nice book

Tannaz Pirasteh

مدتها پیش خونده بودمش... و امروز دوباره خوندمش... چه حس خوبی داره این داستان حسی که صاف و صادق بهت میگه حماقت انسان در زیاده خواهی چقده


I'm not a religious person by any means, and these are very Christian-centered stories. I still enjoyed this book as Tolstoy is a very good story teller. Most of the characters are fairly simple, and nearly all face ethical and moral dilemmas that are worked out by the end of the stories. All of the stories are fairly short and easy reads. I will admit that towards the end of the book I was tired of the "to be a good person you must believe in Christ" message. There were a couple of stories that had no blatantly obvious Christian message, one of which was based on a true story of a bear hunt that Tolstoy was involved in.

George Shetuni

This book is a collection of short stories; some really short, a mere 2 to 3 pages, while others may be 60 pages. It is a reflection of Tolstoy, the teacher, pointing a wise moral for the reader, showing us, “how to live.” The stories are reflections Tolstoy’s Christian faith, but this book appeals to the general reader as well. An author with a monumental writing style and a distinct voice, well known for classic longer works such as Anna Karenina and War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy proves here that he is a master of the short story as well, and that he is not just a gifted storyteller but a person concerned with the soul, humanity, and goodness as much as with literature as an art.

Joshua Novalis

A long, rewarding journey.


Ok, I know I am a bad person for not being all that into Tolstoy, but I wasn't. :) I read the main story "Walk in the Light," and the Christians were these kind of idealistic hippie commune dwellers. Personally, I think the main character could have become a Christian, remained in his home, and reformed his life instead of moving to the commune, so I don't get it. Maybe it was about how Christians are not of this world, so in the story, Tolstoy literally had them living somewhere else. But I just didn't like the commune aspect of it. Even if you're a Christian, you are still sinful. It's not all love and wonderfulness. I read a couple of the other stories as well, and they were good, just felt like I wasn't that into the book. Life is short--you don't have to finish every book.

Cindy Marsch

I love watching a master's imagination play with classic tales, keeping them current in the world's imagination. Tolstoy does it well in this collection.


This book of short stories and fables by Tolstoy is one of my favorites. Many of Tolstoy's characters live out the teachings of Christ in practical ways. Entertaining and full of wisdom.

Naddo Moon

~مسيحيـة الكتـآب أفقدتني الاستمتـآعبإستثنـآء الحكـآية الأخيرة ( ثلاثة أسئلة )قرأت البدآية حتى الصفحة 20 ثم مررت بعيني على بقية العنـآوين إجمـآلا .. لم أجني منه أية فـآئدة

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