Walkabout (Outback Sagas)

ISBN: 0843947551
ISBN 13: 9780843947557
By: Aaron Fletcher

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Reader's Thoughts


I got this book at a garage sale in Michigan. I didn't know it was part of a 5 book saga with generations of this family. Now I have them all and I'm going to start with #1.


another recommendation from sister


** spoiler alert ** There might be spoilers in this review, so beware.This book seemed fine until about halfway through. I was expecting a long, drawn-out romance between the main character and his love interest, but instead the author has him fall in love with her in just a few pages, after only knowing her for an hour. Soon after, they run off and get married and have the most perfect relationship ever. The romance in this novel was so absurd it bordered on hilarious.Almost everything was always positive, and situations that could’ve been disastrous always turned out fine. The good guys were completely good and always kind; the bad guys were one-dimensional and more gross than scary. As I plowed through the second half, I found myself bored with the long descriptions of what everyone was doing (they went here, they made dinner, she cleaned this, etc., etc., etc.). Dialogue between characters occurred less. I probably had about fifty pages left before I skimmed the rest, because I actually cared what happened to the station, but then I realized it wasn’t necessary. With the way things were in this book, I knew the main character would return to reclaim his place in his family, take over the station, and the bad guy would be defeated. I skipped to the back and found that, yes, this does happen. And everyone rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.I was generous and gave it two stars because the historical descriptions seemed good, and the characters were developed. I really wanted to read a novel set in 19th Century Australia, but sadly I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of this author’s books.


I want to go to Australia! Fifty years ago.


The bad guys are two dimensional, the characters are subjected to rollercoaster rides emotionally, without having the reader all that emotionally involved, but this was still an absorbing and fun read.


Beautifully written. The first half of the book was so mesmerizing I couldn't put it down. Then, I occassioned on a need to put the book down after entering into the second half. I had a hard time picking it back up because I was unwilling to let the character progress past what had become a way of life to me; the walkabout.Don't worry, it doesn't stop at part two, just changes. This is an intricately woven tale whose vastness in physicality is matched by the richness of characters cast and viewed up close. All believable, all very different. Walkabout is for you if you have ever wondered what a walkabout is, in Australian Outback terms.The author's style is open, as best I can guess. Neither the harsh outback nor the intricatly woven city life seem beyond the author's abilities. Top choice!

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