Walking with Henry: Based on the Life and Works of Henry David Thoreau

ISBN: 1555913555
ISBN 13: 9781555913557
By: Thomas Locker

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About this book

Beautiful landscapes offers a glimpse into the grandeur of nature through Thoreau's eyes, showing how one can discover in nature Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Reader's Thoughts

Cheryl in CC NV

Disappointing - it could have been about any man who liked to hike and appreciated nature. The paintings were pretty, but lifeless. The text was too quiet. I've spent time in the wilderness and it's much more vibrant than this sleepy book implies. I wouldn't expect a child to become a conservationist from this, despite the fact that I'm sure Locker would consider that one of his goals. Sorry.


A lovely way to introduce kids to Thoreau's life and writings. Beautiful paintings by Locker to illustrate. Timeline of Thoreau's life and list of his famous quotes in the back.


Though not a biographical work, this book illustrates the driving force behind most of Thoreau's most famous works, his ceaseless excursions into nature. Built heavily on the quotes that Locker extracted from Thoreau's writing, this book provides a clear understanding of the man that Thoreau strove to be. The paintings are beautiful, as are all of the paintings that Locker creates: highly detailed, colorful, entrancing. I know I've said it in my other reviews of Locker's work, but I feel like I could walk into his paintings and be completely at ease in the new setting. Though this isn't the book to read if you are looking for a chronology of his life, this is an excellent source to consult if you are attempting to better understand Thoreau's source of motivation.


I simply love Thomas Locker's paintings, but his simple biographical stories are really a great way for kids to meet "the greats." This beautiful book talks about Thoreau and his love for the woods. At the back of the book, there is a page full of his most famous quotes. Loved it.

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