Wandering God

ISBN: 0791444422
ISBN 13: 9780791444429
By: Morris Berman

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Reader's Thoughts

Karen Hyatt

Superb end to his trilogy.

Bill Bridges

Incredibly well-researched and with a fascinating argument about hunter-gatherer consciousness. I'm not sure I accept it, though. He makes a persuasive case that what we've been thinking of as religious/mystical/shamanic art in the Paleolithic might well be rather secular, but I don't think that's evidence that archetypal psychology isn't drawing on universal patterns. Something to ponder.

Michael Horsman

read it a long time ago. challenges several assumptions about human nature which are often used to rationalize our extreme market culture.


Provocativo, preclaro, incisivo. En un análisis que no me dejó de sorprender, Morris Berman tira por la borda todo lo que creía sobre la necesidad humana de trascendencia. Baste decir que tras leerlo me hizo mirar la vida de otra forma, cosa que pocos libros logran.


Perhaps the best of the 'Re-Enchantment' trilogy, but which cannot really be read and fully appreciated unless Re-Enchantment and Senses are read. These books, when read with John Ralston Saul's, provide a foundation with one can begin to question our naked emperors. One of my top 10 must read books.

Ken Hastings

An important read for anyone who would like to better understand themselves and the world we live in. Whether you agree with his analysis or not you're sure to gain valuable insights into the human condition.

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