We Were Not Like Other People

ISBN: 0060255080
ISBN 13: 9780060255084
By: Efraim Sevela Antonina W. Bouis

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Reader's Thoughts

Peggy Walt

I picked this book up in the Sally Ann for $2.99, where it was marked "discard" from the Prince Andrew High School Library. Interesting. I only bought it since it mentioned Siberia (Shimon's parents were there during the war) and I actually thought it was a kid's book. Wrong. By page three we are deep into a scary and hostile environment where a school friend hands the author a sharpened rock, begging him to cut off his hand so that he can gain admittance to hospital and escape from malnourishment for a while (he does it). And it doesn't really get better. This little book (215 pp.) is a whirlwind slice of life on the run as a child during the war in Russia. Sevela with other Jewish writers petitioned to leave Russia in the 1970's and went to Israel, writing plays, more books and making films along the way, and died in 2010 at the age of 83. You never know what you will find and find out about in this life.

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