ISBN: 0531301397
ISBN 13: 9780531301395
By: Angela Johnson David Soman

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About this book

Daisy describes the preparations leading up to her older sister's wedding and the joyous and bittersweet feelings surrounding the event itself.

Reader's Thoughts

Renae Williams

This book would be good to read to a child whose older sibling or parent is getting married. The tension leading up to a wedding can often make a child feel left out or ignored, and there is also the fear of being abandoned. This book will show a child that there is life after a wedding and there is nothing to worry about.

Cara Adams

Would be good for kids who have been in weddings or for kids seperated from family for some reason. Nice book to read to add diversity.

Season Neal

This story tells the story of a young girl whose older sister is getting married in the fall. The little girl is saddened by the thought of her sister moving away, but by the end of the story realizes your family is family; however far apart you are. This book could be used to tell the importance of family in a child's life.

Written Melodies

A simple story about an older sibling's wedding and the events leading up to the event. I found some of the writing awkward. David Soman provided great illustrations.


Simple story about a young girls sister getting married and his she feels about the preparation and her sister "leaving" her

Devin L.

This is a nice story of a young girl dealing with her older sister getting married and leaving to start a new family. The groom is bald, so the book is okay with me. Appropriate for all ages.

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