Wet: True Lesbian Sex Stories

ISBN: 1555837662
ISBN 13: 9781555837662
By: Nicole Foster

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About this book

Intense and vibrantly real lesbian erotica in the spirit of Skin Deep, these quick and dirty true stories revel in hot lesbian sex. As they peek into the diary of a very busy (and very bad) girl, readers will be panting hungrily as women from around the world reveal their most intimate lesbian encounters.Nicole Foster edited the best-selling books, Skin Deep, Awakening the Virgin, Body Check, and Electric. She undresses in front of her window in Los Angeles.

Reader's Thoughts


Just Nasty!

Deb Wilson

Some of the stories in here are pretty hot, but some just fall flat- for example, the word "crotch" is not sexy no matter how you attempt to use it. There were a few other word sin there that annoyed me like "crotch" but I can;t think of them right now. My other complaint is most of these stories are literally 5 pages long, so there's no build-up, no expectation- just boom! Sex! A little more length and build-up could have really made these a lot more enjoyable in my opinion.

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