What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?: A Remembrance

ISBN: 0743246489
ISBN 13: 9780743246484
By: Richard Ben Cramer Ruth Fecych

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About this book

When legendary Red Sox hitter Ted Williams died on July 5, 2002, newspapers reviewed the stats, compared him to other legends of the game, and declared him the greatest hitter who ever lived. Richard Ben Cramer, Pulitzer Prize winner and acclaimed biographer of Joe DiMaggio, decodes this oversized icon who dominated the game and finds not just a great player, but also a great man. In 1986, Richard Ben Cramer spent months on a profile of Ted Williams, and the result was the Esquire article that has been acclaimed ever since as one of the finest pieces of sports reporting ever written. Given special acknowledgment in The Best American Sportswriting of the Century and adapted for a coffee-table book called Ted Williams: The Seasons of the Kid, the original piece is now available in this special edition, with new material about Williams' later years. While his decades after Fenway Park were out of the spotlight -- the way Ted preferred it -- they were arguably his richest, as he loved and inspired his family, his fans, the players, and the game itself. This is a remembrance for the ages.

Reader's Thoughts

Debra Kocher

This 'book' - really a printed edition of a New Yorker article - is way too short. It really left me wanting more. Another stunning Cramer research job, and I wish he had written a full length book on Ted Williams.

Monte Lamb

This is a great one hour read. It is an expanded version of a magazine article written by the author. You see Ted how he lived after his baseball life and how his earlier life affected his later years. You see him with all the warts and problems he was renown for and also see how he did some good things for other people. Ted was an amazing character and in this short book, you can get a good picture of the man.


A touching, humorous tribute to one of the most fascinating and enduring cultural icons in the history of this country. This is a one-sitting reading that completely grasps the oversized personality, violent charisma, and storied accomplishments of this true Renaissance Man.


A good companion book to the 2 recent biographies written about Ted Williams.

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