What Janie Found

ISBN: 0385326114
ISBN 13: 9780385326117
By: Caroline B. Cooney

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About this book

Janie’s two families appear to have made peace. Life seems almost normal. She’s even decided to speak to her former boyfriend, Reeve, again. But then Janie’s Connecticut father suffers a sudden stroke, and this tragedy leaves her mother reeling. Janie must step in to manage family finances and to support her mother emotionally.While handling her father’s business matters, Janie discovers the one undeniable fact that could destroy both of her beloved families. And she alone must decide what to do.

Reader's Thoughts

2 Victoria

I thought this was a mysterious and great book. At the end of every chapter you were almost about to burst you want to find out what happens next. Its really annoying when you have to put the book down right in the middle of a great part, witch the whole book was great. In the whole series this and the first book were the best in my opinion. I think the first book deserves a 10/10 the second book 8/10 the third witch was my lest favorite was a 7/10 and the last was a 10/10. I did not care for the 3ed book because it was kind of depressing and nothing was really happy or really exciting, but if you are going to read the first book you need to read all 4 to understand. Caroline Cooney is one of my favorite author and she out did herself on this series. - Victoria

Anne Osterlund

Janie’s father is dying. Probably. And while he is in the hospital, Janie is placed in charge of paying the bills, which is why she is the one who finds the folder for Hannah Javensen, the woman who kidnapped Janie when she was only three.The folder has an address for Hannah. And evidence that Janie’s father has been writing Hannah checks, funding the life of the woman who tore apart Janie’s own life. The address is in Boulder, CO., where Janie’s older brother, Stephen, lives.Which means Janie has an excuse to travel to Colorado. And track down her kidnapper.I really liked the ending of this book. Carolyn Cooney has a gift for grabbing the reader’s attention, sustaining the excitement within a story, and avoiding clichés. The harsh side of every character--Janie, Stephen, Reeve, Brian, etc.--comes out in this book. At one time or another, I hated them all. And yet, by the end, I loved them.

Viktoria Jean

What Janie Found is the final conclusion to the JANIE Quartet. The story of Janie Johnson first began with Caroline B. Cooney's The Face on the Milk Carton, a book that was made into a TV movie about a teenager who recognizes her own three-year-old face on a milk carton and discovers that she had been kidnapped years before. Two additional books, What Happened to Janie? and The Voice on the Radio, continued the remarkable story of a girl who somehow needed to blend her present life and family with the life and family from which she had been taken. Readers who followed Janie's trail from the first discovery of her real family to her final decision about which name to use are in for even more revelations in What Janie Found.The highlight of the series came when Janie thought she had found out her real birth mystery and the kidnapping case that changed her life forever. But then she found more more puzzling clues that did not match her theory then. As Cooney's latest book opens, Janie is as angry as she has ever been. Mr. Johnson has had a stroke; Janie is paying bills for him when she comes across a file and discovers that the life she has so carefully sorted out is in fact a fantasy spun by people who supposedly loved her. Reeve, her former boyfriend, and Brian, the younger brother from her original family, immediately sense a change in Janie and set about trying first to uncover the secret Janie's found and then to help her solve the additional mystery that surfaces. Janie, however, has determined never to let anyone close to her again. A part of Janie feels guilty trying to touch the past and make logic out of her life, but she devises a plan that includes taking Reeve and Brian to visit Brian's older brother, Stephen, in Colorado. Things don't go exactly as planned. Janie and her estranged brother Stephen must grapple with the residue of the long ago kidnapping, searching for ways to reconnect to their families and to each other. By solving this additional mystery, they are able to find a way back home. They simply need to find the courage to do the right thing. Janie's life also seems to be moving along smoothly as she adjusts to her two sets of parents and learns to love her brothers and sister. While going through files in her father's desk, she makes a startling discovery. This must have been very shocking for Janie, who thought that this mystery was long solved and ended. This discovery takes her, Reeve, and Brian to Boulder to try to find the reason why Hannah Javensen took Janie away from her family so many years ago. Finding Hannah could mean betrayal and hurt for both of her families. Is it better to forget revenge and leave the past buried, or to try to locate Hannah? The decision she makes will affect both of her family's lives forever. Can they handle any more? Moreover, can Janie handle dredging up the past, or is it time to forgive? In the end, she pays Hannah the full amount of 'ransom' her adoptive parents had paid all these years. And the story ends with her saying that she had found her true family. This is the beauty in the Janie Quartet, lying among the twists and ups and downs of the plot, and I believe was also what the author had hoped to find in writing the series- Finding your one true place. Home. I felt glad when Janie finally discovered the full set of the truth, despite many heartbreaks and pauses in her pursue of the truth. What she got in the end was just as good a reward.


I didn't enjoy the upheaval of this story as much as the earlier ones and I found myself "over" Janie's selfish reactions to both her families.

Galen He

Even though i haven't read the first three books to the series, I still thought this book was interesting. I might have gotten lost sometimes, but the action was enough to help me finish the book. There was enough detail that helped me understand the book more. I thought it was shocking that Janie had to manage the family finances by herself and also help out her mother. If you like to read a book about something that could terribly can happen to your family, this is the book for you. It is full of action and suspense. It is also full of mystery and guilt. The series of this book has a good story line. I am thinking about reading the other books in the series.

Julie Decker

When Janie's adoptive father has a heart attack, new secrets are revealed: Since Janie is now involved in handling some of her dad's medical information, she has access to his personal records and finds a file about the woman who kidnapped her. They also find that she's not dead--as they believed--and has been accepting money from her father. Janie, her boyfriend, and her biological brother consider whether they should confront/meet Hannah. What would it accomplish? Would it be traumatic? Can she do it? . . . Can she not?It's again incredibly dramatic to the point that it feels staged at times; the amount of bizarreness that has befallen these families is mind-blowing, so it's awfully hard to believe in. I'm also connecting less with the characters by this point and feeling that the issues are contrived, but the connection the characters' minds and motivations is still adequate and sometimes brilliant. I also like when a book can leave a tempting confrontation alone.

Diana Qureshi

Another great tale of Janie! In this latest of the Janie novels, Janie finds a folder in her father's file cabinet while helping to pay the bills after her father has a stroke. Janie has to decide what to do with the information she found in the folder, will she do the right thing?


Funny how much is repeated. And the way Cooney retcons events and updates things for the existence of cell phones and the internet.

Breanna F

What Janie FoundWhat Janie Found by Caroline B Cooney is the thrilling 4th and last book in the series the Face On The Milk Carton.Janie has just finished the stress of staying with her real family or her fake. However, Janie's pain isn't over yet. Janie again has chosen her fake parents, but her fake father has sadly suffered stroke and is in the hospital. And now, Janie is in charge of the bills. But when Janie finds a folder labeled H.J it can only mean one thing, Hannah Javenson, her kidnapper. But what Janie finds inside is even more petrifying , the proof that her father has betrayed her. Her own loving father giving money to her kidnapper, knowning where she has been all along. Janie has now set a new mission, to find Hannah, and tell her what she's done, and that no money will be giving to her anymore. Janie needs answers. Her brother Brian and her ex-boyfriend Reeve won't let her, not face a dangerous person, the one who ruined her life. But Janie isn't convinced by others, it's herself that tells her the right thing to do. She can't trust anyone, and is disconnected with both her families. Will Janie go and find Hannah, secretly, touching the past? Or will she let it go, and keep the present? Can Janie put it together and finally make peace?I love the series and was on the edge of my seat everytime Janie needed to make a choice. Caroline B Cooney did a great job describing her characters, making a picture in my mind. It was full of suspence and mystery, and i couldn't put it down.


I liked reading this book but I feel like the author just keeps adding ideas for each new book. It gets a little boring but throughout the books you get to know all of the characters well.


** spoiler alert ** I had to read this one so that I could finish the series and I regret that I did. It seemed so disconnected and bitter. I hated that Frank felt he had to provide for the daughter that had caused him and his family so much pain. Hannah did not deserve to be happy after she ripped so many lives apart. I am however glad that Stephen, Janie, Brian, and Reeve are able to finally heal and that Janie learned she could embrace both families as her own. I did always think it was rotten of her to abandon the Springs after they suffered for so many years (not that Frank and Miranda deserved to loss her either). Stephen’s girlfriend really was a bitch. She had no right to push Stephen or Janie for information or to involve her FBI agent father into their reunion. I wouldn’t have trusted her ever again if I had been Stephen.

Shyann Thomas

As a conclusion to the series, this was a good book. It was far from my favorite, but I liked it. At first, I did not understand why Janie was so mad about what her dad was doing. I did not think it was a big deal because, after all, it was his daughter! Any good father would try to take care of his daughter, even if she did something terrible, unthinkable! As I read on, though, I could kind of understand how Janie felt. But all together, she had been through so much that it was just everything coming together and getting umbearable. In this final book, I did come to love Stephen, I love love Brian, and I am so glad Janie and Reeve were okay again. I loved Janie at the end and I felt like I could finally absorb the characters and just feel content. It was a great, great series! I loved it.


Really, intense and can you imagine what it would be like to have your kidnapper still out there and you don't know if you might run into her again?

Brianna K

What Janie Found is the last book in the four part series. The 'Milk Carton' series was a really good series. In this book Janie's 'father' has had a stroke and is in critical condition. While he is in the hospital, Janie has the duty of doing the bills and all of those things. When she was going through some of the bills she noticed something peculiar about Hannah. She wants to know why her father does this. She learns where Hannah is located, and it's somewhere where a close 'relative' lives. I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the other three books in this series and who wants to find out what her father is doing with Hannah. It is a really good series and keeps you addicted to the series the whole way through.


I'm not sure whether this author is writing more of this series, but she kinda left some stuff unsettled in this one, even though the main plot line was kinda understandably settled but not. It raised some questions about biological parents versus adoptive parents and the notion of blame. I thought it was a pretty good book, but overall it was kinda unsatisfying because it didn't answer some of the questions it raised. I'm not talking "didn't tie everything up in a perfect bow." I'm talking about plot points that got brought up and never addressed again. Feh.

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