What’s the Difference?: Manhood and Womanhood Defined According to the Bible

ISBN: 0891075623
ISBN 13: 9780891075622
By: John Piper Elisabeth Elliot

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About this book

What does the Bible teach about true manhood and womanhood? Noted pastor, author and Bible scholar John Piper looks at these important questions in a positive, sensitive way.

Reader's Thoughts


Short, sweet, and to the point!

Matthew Robbins

Spectacular vision for the complimentary view of gender and marriage. Instead of presenting the biblical case for the view (which he and Wayne Grudem did in "Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood"), Piper attempts to show the beauty of the vision here. I think he's very successful. I really enjoyed and was challenged by talking through numerous sections of this with my wife.

Douglas Wilson

This small book was quite good, and very careful. Appreciated it.

Shannon Cooper

This is a hard book to review because it's just an introduction, so you can easily finish it in a day or two. Basically it is an overview of the authors beliefs on biblical manhood and womanhood with some supporting scriptures. This little book is not a Bible study so it would not make sense to review it like one. I would suggest reading the introduction if you want to get a summary of what the full version is about (note: I have not read the full version so I cannot say for sure what the content includes). I can't say 'I recommend this book' nor can I say 'I don't recommend this book' until I've read the full version.


This is an excellent introduction to the subject of biblical masculinity and femininity, and has whet my appetite for lengthier, weightier treatments of this important and beautiful subject matter.

Johnathon Vogel

Very short book, but a great starter to discovering the biblical role of men and women.

Robert Seib

I think this gives a clear and concise biblical perspective on what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman. It's brief, but acts as a nice summary and an easy read. Many people may not agree, but I think we must get back to Biblical standards. This book shows how the Biblical standard of manhood and womanhood is not a bad or restricting thing. It is not designed to quench men's or women's freedom, but to set us free to act in our true identity.I think every believer should be familiar with the concepts found in this book - the Biblical concepts of manhood and womanhood.


3.5/5 because I felt it went downhill from what I thought was a very good chapter on Masculinity. This is probably because it's so short (the Femininity chapter was a letdown), so perhaps I'll enjoy the more exhaustive writing by Piper & Grudem. If I had known it was a brief adaptation of 'Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood', I wouldn't have wasted my time. Hopefully the more extensive work on this is worthwhile!

Jennifer Nelson

This is an excellent, excellent little booklet looking at gender roles from a Biblical perspective. John Piper writes gently, but with passion and firmness about the roles that God has designed for men and women. It is the most balanced, logical, and inspiring treatment of this subject. A must read for any Christian.

Anna Klein

An absolutely awesome book that I read with Bill to help me understand the healthy, Biblical roles of men and women. The absolute best book I've read on the subject so far--one the honors and lifts up both roles as precious and God given. Definitely recommended!


Very helpful. The lists in the back are worth visiting often.


very useful to know what the bible says about manhood and womanhood.


Extremely important and relevant topic. So much pain and confusion exists in the home and the church due to misunderstanding what God says about men/women and husband/wife.

Mark Nenadov

I was very impressed by this small booklet. Piper goes through this controversial issue and lays down a solid framework for understanding Biblical manhood and womenhood.He avoids some of the extremes that we find in our society (ie. outright feminism or outright male domination and abuse) and gives some great practical advise on the fundamental differences between the two sexes.


This book was basically just a summary of a particular point of view on this issues. It doesn't bring any actual information to the table, so it was not very helpful.

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