When I Am Old With You

ISBN: 0531070352
ISBN 13: 9780531070352
By: Angela Johnson David Soman

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About this book

"A small child imagines a future when he will be old with his Grandaddy. . . . The African-American child and grandfather are distinct individuals, yet also universal figures, recognizable to anyone who has ever shared the bond of family love across generations".--School Library Journal, starred review. Full color.

Reader's Thoughts


Realistic fiction


A sweet story told from a child's perspective. The grandchild will do all of these activities with his grand-dad when he grows old with him. Great story to use when exploring family.

Brooke Woods

This is not just a story for children...it is for anyone that loves their grandad! I actually cried when my daughter read this aloud for her homework...it reminded me so much of my late Grandfather and the special bond we had. This is a wonderful book!!!

Deborah Harris

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Alyssa Casto

This book is a very simple and sweet story told from the point of view of a little grandson. He is reflecting on all of the things that him and his grandfather do that are fun. I enjoyed the pictures and colors in the book also.

Lillie Rayburn

No favorite part.

Mary Ann

“When I am old with you,” a small child tells his grandfather, “I will sit in a big rocking chair beside you and talk about everything.” Although their plans are simple, everyday activities, from playing cards to cooking breakfast together, this African American grandfather and grandson share a special bond--one that is both universal and beautifully specific.


A young boy tells his grandfather all of the things they will do together when they are old together. A powerful multi-generational/multi-cultural book for families.

Shelly Lindsey

LOVE THIS BOOK! It is grest for talking about friendships we share with our grandparents and the impotance of the relationships.


When I am Old with You, by Angela Johnson, is a sweet and simple story reflecting a young child’s thoughts about the activities he and his granddaddy will share when they are “old together”. The sweet naiveté of the child in this book brings the same smile to my face as when I hear little boys say, ”When I grow up, I’m going to marry mommy.” Although the illustrations by David Soman depict an African American man and child, the text could reflect a grandfather and grandson from many ethnicities; there is nothing in the story or language that marks the story specifically as African American. In fact, I have read this book to kindergarten students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and not once has the skin color of the characters in the book been noticed. What the children notice is the bond between grandfather and grandson, and this provides a nice opportunity to let the children reflect on, discuss and draw pictures of the activities they share with their grandfather or another special adult. Many of the students I work with live in multigenerational households, so grandparents are often prominent figures in their lives.


Wonderful children's book about spending time with someone they love.

Anna Johnson

This book is such a sweet reminder of my grandparents and the relationship I have with them. I think not only did the grandchild in this story learn many things from their Grandpa but the Grandpa learned something from his grandchild. It is a good reminder to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.

Nanee Zogaa

Great book to read for Grandparents day. Story where a little boy talks about all of the things that he does with his granddaddy and how he will do some of the same things when he becomes old with his grandkids

Azriana Johnson

This story is told from a child's perspective. The African American child tells about him growing old with his granddaddy and all the things they will do together in the future such as playing cards underneath a tree, try on old clothes, and look at old pictures. I would use this text in the classroom to discuss tone and to teach predictions. The author, Angela Johnson, is African American and so are the characters in this story. The author illustrated the pictures by making them come to life for the readers. Each page displayed a vivid picture of each activity they would do together. This text can teach students of all cultures about how family is very important, no matter what race you are.


I liked this book a lot because it is a loving story that can relate very much to other children. It is also a Coretta Scott King award winner. It is a book that could get students interested in reading. I liked it.

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