When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair: 50 Ways to Feel Thin, Gorgeous, and Happy {When You Feel Anything But}

ISBN: 0786885084
ISBN 13: 9780786885084
By: Geneen Roth Anne Lamott

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About this book

Geneen Roth's pioneering books were among the first to link overeating and compulsive dieting with deeply personal issues that go far beyond weight and body image. Now, in this fun, practical book, she helps readers radically shift their relationships with food and find more life-affirming ways to care for themselves. With an exhilarating combination of intelligence and wicked good humor, she offers bite-sized pieces of invaluable wisdom.

Reader's Thoughts

Nicolette Anderson

This is a fantastic book! A great book for anyone who feels like they are putting things on hold in their life, waiting for the moment when they are finally thin...Geneen Roth does an excellent job discussing the dieting-gain weight dance, and how you can let go of this and have a healthy and happier life. For anyone who is constantly putting themselves down about their weight, this is a book well worth reading.


When You Eat... consists of 50 very short chapters (some are only a couple of pages in length) with titles like "Carry a chunk of chocolate everywhere" and "Remind yourself that it's already broken." Weirdly, the word that came to mind when I was typing that was "Californian" so I checked the About the Author page and discovered that Roth does indeed live in Northern California - what was my point? Oh yes, if you're not comfortableTo read the rest of this review (and more!), please visit Trashionista


I really enjoyed this book. The author makes some really good points that even though I knew many of the things she said, I appreciate the reminder. It's all about valuing yourself enough to treat yourself well.


Bought this book for its great title, and to see if I could gain any wisdom to help a person I love who was struggling with an ED. Was drawn in by its humor and compassion and sense of joy. A gem.

Lisa Vegan

This is my least favorite Geneen Roth book. I was/am a huge fan of her earlier books. Her perspective about eating disorders is right on the mark and she’s very funny. But this book had to much advice; in her earlier books she shares her story, in an even more helpful manner, and trusts the reader to leave the particulars up to them. It’s still worth reading but I highly recommend her books published before this one.


An amazing view about our relationship to food and why we eat the way we do. The first book I've ever read that says the way to be at a healthy weight is to be kind to yourself.


Gosh darn, this is a book for me, and for anyone else working on a lifelong goal of having a healthy relationship with food! It's funny, loaded with common sense, with old and new information to remind me of how to strike the right balance with food.


Just finished this witty collection of short essays on emotional eating, feeling fat, thin and blah! Roth gives readers many "light bulb" moments when considering how we often wait til we are "thin" to be happy or live our lives. Refreshing, this book will challenge your thought process and even your actions. Looking forward to reading some of her other works. This is not about dieting, it's about living your life. It's about loving yourself no matter what the scale may dictate. Powerful stuff.


Geneen Roth provides a refreshingly honest perspective on emotional eating; I found this book to be charming, funny, and so very applicable. I highly recommend.


This is a wonderfully uplifting educational feel good book. The author definitely has a sense of humor which helps make a book covering the topic of weight management fun to read. I think this book is a good read for all women who need a laugh, a reassurance, and a self esteem boost along with some helpful hints. Don't forget to keep that piece of chocolate in your purse! :)


I'm looking forward to this ('after Women, Food, God...' because that's all the Duke Library has); Geneen's wit, empathy and insight were very helpful during therapy for ED several years ago.I am rediscovering her now at a time where I'm finding myself needing more support after a huge life, career and geography change....


Very practical and easy-to-understand wisdom written with a wonderful sense of humour. Roth makes it easy to relate to the things she talks about in the book. And she makes you feel very human with your challenges while doing it!


I love Geneen Roth's books. This has to be one of my favorites so far.

Laura Craner

So I don't normally read diet books and this is more of an un-diet book, but I liked it. Sage advice for anyone who has a mixed relationship with food. Not all of the tips applied to me (I have no desire to wear fancy clothes to the grocery store and doing something "luxurious" for myself each day seems silly), but a lot of them were spot on.


If you have food issues, Geneen Roth offers a different and refreshing outlook on what is really involved in weight management.

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