When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair: 50 Ways to Feel Thin, Gorgeous, and Happy {When You Feel Anything But}

ISBN: 0786885084
ISBN 13: 9780786885084
By: Geneen Roth Anne Lamott

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About this book

Geneen Roth's pioneering books were among the first to link overeating and compulsive dieting with deeply personal issues that go far beyond weight and body image. Now, in this fun, practical book, she helps readers radically shift their relationships with food and find more life-affirming ways to care for themselves. With an exhilarating combination of intelligence and wicked good humor, she offers bite-sized pieces of invaluable wisdom.

Reader's Thoughts


I love this book. It's not just about weight loss--in fact, Roth advises you to throw out your scale--it's really about coming to a complete stop and being present for yourself in a compassionate way, and living consciously. Very Buddhist, without being dogmatic. What's so revolutionary here is that we're being told slip-ups are inevitable and that we can learn from them, that it's all part of the continuum of pursuing a healthier life and attitude. The all-or-nothing model is thrown out the window.Here are a few things I found particularly helpful: When you're bingeing, what does it feel like? What are the physical sensations? What are you thinking about? How do you feel afterwards? There are always feelings that are being managed with bingeing--is gorging youself working?There's always an antecedent to a binge--examine it. What happened and what are you feeling? Name it and feel it, and stay with the feelings.If you have a food craving (Roth's is chocolate), indulge it to your heart's content, BUT (here's the catch): only eat when you're hungry. Again, this means listening to your body. If you don't know how to answer the hunger question, she says, that means you're not hungry. When you are hungry, eat what you crave, and when you're full, stop eating. That takes a lot of fine-tuning for hardcore bingers like me--but the payoff is so much more than weight loss. This is not a diet book (it's a non-diet book)--it's a way of living authentically.


I'm looking forward to this ('after Women, Food, God...' because that's all the Duke Library has); Geneen's wit, empathy and insight were very helpful during therapy for ED several years ago.I am rediscovering her now at a time where I'm finding myself needing more support after a huge life, career and geography change....

Laura Craner

So I don't normally read diet books and this is more of an un-diet book, but I liked it. Sage advice for anyone who has a mixed relationship with food. Not all of the tips applied to me (I have no desire to wear fancy clothes to the grocery store and doing something "luxurious" for myself each day seems silly), but a lot of them were spot on.


This was my second Geneen Roth book and loved it as much as the first. It is a collection of short vignettes (sp?) each loaded with meaning. I pulled so much information from this audio book that I am not deleting it from my iPod to listen to when the mood strikes me. This woman seriously knows her stuff.

Hannah O'Reilly

If you have ever eaten when you are bored, sad, lonely, afraid, or just for something to do this book is for you. Geneen Roth, the queen of emotional eating, lightheartedly provides simple solutions for moving beyond eating for emotional needs and starting to enjoy food and your own body. I consider this a must-read for women who have lost their way with food and are looking to find themselves again.


By page 14, I already know that this book was going to change my life. Geneen has an against-the-grain look at dieting, weight loss and cultural expectations of women, and has already made me question the way I treat my appetites and my body. I am looking forward to reading this book again and again.


This is a wonderfully uplifting educational feel good book. The author definitely has a sense of humor which helps make a book covering the topic of weight management fun to read. I think this book is a good read for all women who need a laugh, a reassurance, and a self esteem boost along with some helpful hints. Don't forget to keep that piece of chocolate in your purse! :)


Very practical and easy-to-understand wisdom written with a wonderful sense of humour. Roth makes it easy to relate to the things she talks about in the book. And she makes you feel very human with your challenges while doing it!


Another of my go-to books when I'm feeling "fat and ugly". Has helped me immeasurably to be gentle with myself.


Hilarious and oh so true! Every woman on the verge of insanity over her weight should pick this little diddy up! It's amazing!!!!!! I love Geneen's sense of humor!


Supposedly for compulsive eaters, but lots of good general life advice for everyone served up in succinct 2-page snippets.


I love Geneen Roth's books. This has to be one of my favorites so far.


I really enjoyed this book. The author makes some really good points that even though I knew many of the things she said, I appreciate the reminder. It's all about valuing yourself enough to treat yourself well.

Lisa Vegan

This is my least favorite Geneen Roth book. I was/am a huge fan of her earlier books. Her perspective about eating disorders is right on the mark and she’s very funny. But this book had to much advice; in her earlier books she shares her story, in an even more helpful manner, and trusts the reader to leave the particulars up to them. It’s still worth reading but I highly recommend her books published before this one.


When You Eat... consists of 50 very short chapters (some are only a couple of pages in length) with titles like "Carry a chunk of chocolate everywhere" and "Remind yourself that it's already broken." Weirdly, the word that came to mind when I was typing that was "Californian" so I checked the About the Author page and discovered that Roth does indeed live in Northern California - what was my point? Oh yes, if you're not comfortableTo read the rest of this review (and more!), please visit Trashionista

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