Where is God When It Hurts? / Disappointment with God

ISBN: 031021176X
ISBN 13: 9780310211761
By: Philip Yancey

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About this book

In this special, two-in-one edition, award-winning author Philip Yancey explores difficult questions about our relationship with God. In Where Is God When It Hurts?, he speaks to everyone who wonders if God cares that they are suffering, why he allows us to suffer, and why life sometimes just doesn't make sense. Yancey also equips those who want to reach out to someone in pain, but don't know what to say.In Disappointment with God, Yancey addresses the questions that many of us struggle with including "Is God fair?" "Is God slient?" and "What can we expect from God?" In both books, he gives a clear and compelling biblical perspective -- a perspective of compassion and insight that leads to healing.

Reader's Thoughts


I have learned so much from this book and greatly recommend this to book to you all!

Janice Shannon

As someone who has had chronic pain for over twenty years, these books have helped me considerably. I had read them early on in the pain, but now that all this time has passed, I was faltering in my faith in God. I had begun to hear more and more often from people I know that God means for me to be healed. This sent me into a great deal of soul searching: why wasn't I healed? And that led me to become very angry at God. Philip Yancey writes in such a way that feeds my soul as he walked through the questions and dilemma of being a person of faith and continuing with a health problem or other problem in life that isn't going to be resolved. These aren't formula books with 10 points to the conclusion. These books allows you to search your heart and reach a conclusion. I couldn't recommend it more highly.


Buku yang hebat, membuka wawasan kita dengan berpikir dari sudut pandang yang berbeda.


It was an easy to understand explanation of stuff that don't make sense in this life.

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