White Ninja (Nicholas Linnear, #3)

ISBN: 0345466772
ISBN 13: 9780345466778
By: Eric Van Lustbader

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About this book

Lustbader returns to the phenomenon he originated with The Ninja. For years, Saigo's evil and the Mido's magic have failed to conquer Nicholas Linnear. Now he is about to be changed by the times, by love, and by destiny. He faces the one enemy he never expected: himself.

Reader's Thoughts

Claude Willis

As a 12 year old, I was enthralled by the graphic descriptions of men pointing flashlights as the vaginas of strippers in Japan.


Amazing sequel to the Ninja.


This is the first book I read by Eric Van Lustbader, its the first book I read in the Nicholas Linnear series. I praise the author for explaining certain important plot points from the first two books which helped me understand the history of Nicholas.I will clearly state I enjoyed this book, I would recommend this book on the basis, It is fun, the plot is so absorbing, you will really feel like you are in this whirl wind adventure which crosses between Japan and America. Its even quite erotic in its description of love affairs. The whole book is well structured and has a brilliant flow.Its not high literature, it is just high fun, take the book at face value and although its full of sterotypical martial art philosophy, there are some real historical fact which means you will learn some truth regarding Japanese culture. But overall its just a fun book !

Lakita Hitsugaya

Nicholas Linnear may just be the best lead character ever. Learnt a lot from him.

Michelle Poirier

Loved this trilogy!

Travis Haselton

I liked less that the first book. However I did skip the second. It was however really good. Had plenty of action and suspence. Nicholas losing most of his ninjutsu ability was a nice touch to make it very interesting.


Action movie on paper, with enough Asian mysteriousness to keep you interested. What else would you expect from this author?


Cool ninja-fu and sex in the Lustbader way.

Theophilus (Theo)

What happens when a ninja loses his power? He's in big trouble. Exciting adult book, none of that Three Ninjas or Chris Farley ninja stuff; this is the real deal.


This is not a great work of genious. Just lots of ass kickery and ass bangery. Like a good action flick. Very little hmmm and lots of woohoo. Great on a beach vacation.

Dave O'neill

great book gripping reality


Excellent book. Scary, horrific at times even disgustingly perverse. A 'page turner' with twists that leave you breathless.

Linda Hixon

Hate when authors pad their books with verbatim excerpts from previous books. Did his imagination desert him? More of the same ole same ole: sex, blood, economic and cultural lessons on Japan. Sigh.


At a time when I was homesick, my best from work gave me this book to read. Soon I was engrossed in the book and the melocholy went away. Good story teller, but his books are anti-climatic.

Shantanu Nanda

Just Avoid It. Could not find anything for my fascination.

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