Whose Mouse Are You?

ISBN: 1416903119
ISBN 13: 9781416903116
By: Robert Kraus José Aruego

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About this book

A forlorn young mouse feels all alone in the world, but he figures out just how to surround himself with his loving family--including a new addition!

Reader's Thoughts

Jenna Renner

I think this book would be good for toddlers. It is about a mouse who wonders "Whose mouse am I" he tells where his mother, sister and father are then when asked where his brother is he says that he doesn't have a brother. Then at the end of the book he gets all of his family members back and he also gets a baby brother.


One of my kids liked this book very much at one point, mainly due to one page where the mouse is riding around in a car with a track all over the page. I read it to one of my kids last night and decided to give it away. I don't care for the storyline. The mouse is asked if he is the mouse of various members of his family. He replies telling how something has happened to each family member. Then he saves all his family and claims to be his father's mouse, his mother's, etc. Who you are is not based on your family or whether or not they favor you. While I would smile to hear a child of mine saying they are their "mother's child", I would not like them to be defined as so. I would rather they judge themselves on their own merits, that they learn to approve of themselves. Yes, I know I'm reading a lot into a simple story. To be fair, this is listed in our county library system in a pamphlet titled, 100 Books Every Child Should Hear Before Starting School. I don't agree with it being there! There are far more worthy books available.


I loved this book so much that I had every word of it memorized at a very young age, and ended up having to pay the library for it because I think I lost it in preschool.


We read this last night from The 20th-Century Children's Book Treasury: Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud.

Hannah Guerra

This sweet book is perfect for pre-school aged kids. I follows a mouse who thinks that he has no one in the world because his parents and sister are out of reach to him. He goes on a few adventures to rescue the three of them and ends up with his whole family back and a fun little addition to the family as well! This book has themes of family love and bravery.


I really like this book, but it didn't go over well as a read-aloud, really.


Whose Mouse are You? by Robert KrausA cute little story about a mouse faced with challenges to overcome.

Sheila Summerhays

I read this to my children when they were young. They really liked it, I loved it. I can still recite it.

Heather Mize

Me and my sisters, along with our mom read this book so much when I was a kid that I can still recite the entire book almost by memory. No large feat since it's very simply written. When I think of books having been a friend all of my life, this book serves as one of the very first example. Whose mouse are you? Nobody's mouse!The fact that my mom was such an animated reader is what made me love books even more I am sure. Reading was like an adventure, and I can still hear the affection in which my mom read this story to the three of us. Just seeing the cover of this book makes me light up. This has to have been my very first favorite book.


I read this book as it is included in "the 20th Century Children's Book Treasury" and I like it so much I am thinking of buying the individual book. It started sad but I was surprised by the actions of this little mouse. Love the ending!

Sandy Carlson

This story starts out so pitifully sad with a lonely little mouse. But then this sad creature decides to take action into his own little paws and rescue his family. An all-time favorite picture book for young children who at times feel so powerless. It even has a twist ending. No spoilers here.


The classic tale of a young mouse who doesn't belong to anyone. When asked where his family is, readers discover that his mother was swallowed by a cat, his father is stuck in a trap, his sister is far, far away and a brother he does not have. Well, what is he going to do?Well, he's going to shake his mother out of the cat, spring his father from the trap, etc...And in the end he gets a new baby brother.Children will feel afraid for the little mouse but will also feel empowered by his ability to free is family.A great storytime read.


This book is about a mouse and his family. The mouse’s family all have problems, and instead of the mouse not helping his family and being sad about his families’ predicaments, the mouse helps his family and solves the problems.I chose this book, because I liked how the mouse solved the problems and helped his family.Questions- How have you helped your family.


It was an okay book. Story didn't really engage any of my children and it had too few words to be considered a level 1 book. The pictures were cute but I think perhaps it'd be better for older kids. But even then, I'm not sure.

Katie Jelinek

This book is about a mouse who is asked several questions about both his identity adn his family. As it shows the rest of his fmaily members encountering troubling situations, the tiny mouse sets out to help rescue them. This book portrays the message of "having each family members back" in a touching story.

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