Why Aren’t Black Holes Black?

ISBN: 0385480148
ISBN 13: 9780385480147
By: Robert M. Hazen Maxine Singer

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Reader's Thoughts

Jeanine and Friederike Greifswald-Tolleson

An excellent overview of the main currently open questions of science.


This book gives an overview of the important questions that scientists are trying to answer in cosmology, genetics, evolution, neuroscience and developmental biology. The chapters of the book are loosely connected which allows the reader to pick a chapter at random . This is a good read for someone who is interested in science or has just found a liking, and are looking to explore newer areas. Ever since the publishing of the book, there has been advancements in science especially in the aforementioned topics. Hence, readers have to update themselves by looking into newer research materials for the current important unanswered questions.

Patricia Bardua

Answers questions about space that they are just discovering the answers to, or a least possible answers. For instance: Is there a theory of everything? Are we alone in the universe? Can we conquer the biology of old age...and many, many more. Explains some of quantum physics too, basic, interesting and leads to even more possiblities and questions.

Mr. Shits

This was my first venture into the category of science literature for the idiot. It poses and answers some basic questions in the realm of science and everyday life.

Heather Browning

An enjoyable overview of a range of topics through many scientific disciplines, some more familiar to me than others. The main drawback for me was the feeling that, as the book is a decade old, many of the 'unanswered questions' may actually now be answered . . .

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