Why Science Matters: Understanding the Methods of Psychological Research

ISBN: 1405130490
ISBN 13: 9781405130493
By: Robert N. Proctor E.J. Capaldi

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About this book

Why Science Matters: Understanding the Methods of Psychological Research rises above standard research methods texts by presenting an up-to-date view of contemporary psychological science as it is currently understood and practiced. Unlike available methodology texts, this book explores not only the procedural aspects of psychological research, but also delves into the issue of how to accomplish effective science. Intended as a supplement for undergraduate and graduate research methodology study, the text provides additional training on contemporary scientific methodology and its historical antecedents. Incorporating new investigatory procedures, current methodologists, conflicts, and issues, implications of the philosophy of science, and a lively prose style, Why Science Matter provides a picture of science that will engage students and expand their abilities as both scientists and psychologists.

Reader's Thoughts


All in all it was a decent read. The chaper Postmodernism and the Rejection of the Conventional Conception of Science was definitely the highlight.

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