Wild Hawk

ISBN: 0451406575
ISBN 13: 9780451406576
By: Justine Dare Justine Davis

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About this book

Jason Hawk is the sole heir to a fortune he refuses to inherit, left by a wealthy father whom he always despised. Kendall Chase, his father's assistant, is determined to show Jason his rightful destiny by way of a mysterious book. Yet, as their mutual attraction grows, they remain unaware of the danger that threatens to tear them apart.

Reader's Thoughts

Cathy Beckett

Book 1 of the Hawk family series, Wild Hawk, is a contemporary romance with shades of the paranormal thrown in. Jason West aka Jason Hawk has returned to his birthplace for revenge. There is one problem--he's too late. Aaron West, his father, is dead and Jason gets there just in time to see Aaron's widow, Alice, throw a yellow rose into the open grave. Jason laughs at the entire situation until his eyes meet the eyes of the only person that seems to mourn his father's passing. Kendall Chase. Kendall recognizes Jason as the bastard son of her employer and friend Aaron Hawk. She knows the family legend that when the Hawk family line is about to die out a book comes to the last living Hawk heir. The book will bring the last living heir hid true love mate and help the family to continue and it has been doing this since the time of Merlin.Jason and Kendall find that their lives are in danger and the threat is coming from Alice Hawk. She has stolen and forged a new will for her dead husband. She has set Kendall up as the forger and has hired a killer to threaten Kendall. Jason must decide if he is going to follow through with his plans to destroy Hawk Industries or put his hatred in the past where it belongs.


A plot too convoluted for an HP. So let's see... a long time ago, a wealthy young socialite saw a hot guy and pressured dear old dad to buy him for her. To do this required that daddy provide an influx of cash to hot guy's ailing company. Hot guy resented being bought so merely tolerated wife. Eventually, a secretary was hired who was The One. An affair ensued, a child was conceived, and... when wife found out, woman (and child) was threatened. Woman left town, refused all further contact with hot guy as per wife's instruction. In the meantime, wife goes through whatever fertility treatments were available (which wouldn't have been much in 60's), to no avail. Hot guy becomes ill, wants to find OW and lost boy for inheritance purposes. Wife, incensed, hires killer and has OW killed. Lost boy fortunate because he was working instead of in car with mom. 20 years later, story starts.Hot guy now dead. Widow (who reminds me of Iizma from Emperor's New Groove) has located all but one copy of amended will, fired h, hired shyster lawyer, and is threatening to say remaining copy is forgery. Of course, Lost Boy has shown up and, unbeknownst to her, managed to become a major shareholder in company.H was a product of his upbringing (mostly on the streets since his mom was killed when he was 16 and he made himself scarce when social workers showed up). V. suspicious of everyone's motive. I "got" him. I just hoped he wouldn't go there. He did.h was v. shrewd character but, H comes on to her and next thing you know she's on her back with her legs in the air. Of course this was after he'd been an utter douchebag for 2 days. It was so out of character for her. I got that he rung her bell there but she could have resisted, especially since even as he was charming her, she noted a cold, detached look in his eyes.Of course after he got what he wanted, and she found out that he was a major shareholder anyway, he was like, "yes; I did. And you knew it, blah blah blah." She told him she'd get over it, but he wouldn't because he'd never learn to let go and would thus wind up a bitter, lonely person who nobody cared about when he died. Ouch. Best thing in the book, only she monologued it and thus blew it.Anyway, old bat sent killer after him (after the boardroom meeting), he managed to come out on top (sort of) and stood there bleeding all over the place while he groveled - before passing out at h's feet (at least he untied her first).


Wild Hawk - GJustine Dare (aka Justine Davis) - 1st of Hawk seriesRevealing himself to his family after his wealthy industrialist father passes away, illegitimate son Jason Hawk begins a fight to claim his inheritance an falls in love with the secretive Kendall Chase.A good read


I first read this one when it came out in 1996 and thought it was pretty good. My how things change in 12 years. Whoo boy, do they. I will say that the historical (Heart of the Hawk) has aged better. But I didn't throw it across the room as I have with other re-reads of older romances so I guess that's a plus.

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