Wind on Fire Trilogy – Box Set of 3

ISBN: 0786809272
ISBN 13: 9780786809271
By: William Nicholson Peter Sís

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Reader's Thoughts


The first book is fairly shit, but if you stick with it and read the whole trilogy, it becomes interesting. It's a good concept overall.


I LOVE these books. they are all about one family called the Hath's. The family go through ups and downs. The plot of the main book is all about kestrel who hates the tests that they contiunously do. No one knows why but some but some say it is because the zars stole the heart of the wind singer. Kestrel, he r brother bow and a weird boy set out on a terrifing adventure to bring back the wind sing to where it belongs.In the second book the town where the Haths live is caaptured by evil magicians. Everyone is taken apart from Kestrel who hides in the wind sing tower. once the magicians have gone the town is burnt and falling to peices. Kestrel makes it her duty to rescue her people and free them from the cultches of the magicians.The tird book is when the family are travelling to there true hometown. Ira Haths knows they way but she is slowly dying from the terrible cold that surrounds them. will they make it in time or will they be stranded.If you want to know the answer. READ THIS BOOK!

ZIMF The all 3 fruit. Epic.

Review:William Nicholson is a master at fine the art of writing fantasy. He tells his compelling and very belivable story with simple language, but deeply true ideas. Although the book takes place in an imagined setting, with ficticious characters and times, the story of Manth is very real to us all, with true-to-earth people and enchantingly true personalities. However, the idea of "all will be well in the end" is rather overdone, and the importance of the Singer people is rather overly stressed. With twists, flying cats, and true love, Nicholson has outdone himself.My personal thoughts:I hated it. I hated every single letter of this series. Oh, sure, there are these wonderful, magical people who have special mind powers! Hooray! And they're so special, yes they are, because they will save the world. Everyone else has his or her little insignificant part to play, but it's not really worth anything because the Singer people are so special! You can't be a Singer if you want, because you must be the child of a prophet. You have no choice. Your destiny is already decided for you, so hahaha! Wanna save the world? Too lazy to help? Too bad! Mr. Destiny already chose for you. Haha. He send out some prophets to tell the future, so now you know your horrible fate! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ah, so funny, to see you people helpless against the magical greater order of things.The language is too simple, and too uninvolving. I don't care that Ms.Chirish is fat. Great. Be fat, if you want, but I don't care. Stop bothering me. In addition, there's always this unanimous agreement between the Manth people. They somehow all just know things without rhyme or reason, and it seems somehow pointless. There's action, but over it, there is a filmy layer of boredom. He goes to the Morah. She gets the voice. Yeah. Okay. And it just so happens to be that she figures out how to use it. Good. The end.I disliked the characters. I don't know why, but I tend to hate everyone. In some books, the author forces me to dislike the protagonists and instead like the antagonists. In this book, however, I hated everyone. Stupid Kestrel. Stupid Bowman. Stupid magical twin powers. Stupid book. Hmmph. It felt totally fake, like a masked but already masked marionette. I cannot explain. I am sorry. No, really, I am.I do have a few good things to say about this series, however. I liked the ending, when Kestrel goes off instead of Bowman. It was a little ha-ha to him, but not really, because the were together forever! Yay! Lalalalalaaaa, happy happiness.Anyway, the other thing I liked about it was...I forgot. Oh, well.I still liked the actual reading of it. High-five!


Incredible original story in three parts. Could not put them down.

Bianca Pretorius

One of my favourites as a young reader.


i love these books sooo much i literally cried when i finished reading the last book and when i stopped reading for the nite the next day i would picture it like it was a movie the book was so well written i could actualy seewhat the characters would look like because the book lets you use your own imagination to create the characters


Really enjoyed reading this series. Nicholson has created such a rich dystopian world thats unlike many other recent dystopian novels. Unlike many other recent dystopian novels, i feel that Bowman and Kestrel go through much more of a psychological growth and development as the story progresses than just "am i good enough" concept. its an endearing series, loved it from beginning to end.


i read this when i was much younger, i think i was 13 or so. i re-read the series last year to refresh my memory. i loved the swear-words which the author created, they were so funny. i remember going round the house using them instead of the normal swear words. my family probably thought i was weird saying 'sagahog!' and 'hubahubapinpin' aroung the house. i just laugh when i think of it!i know, i know - its veeeery silly but i was younger then...


This book is one of my all-time favorites!


it's been years since I read this - but I still think about it now and then. I suppose it's time to re-read it, and remember all of the details I have long since forgotten! :)

Rachel Grey

This is a great young adult adventure series. Like much of the best of its genre it touches on some intense themes about humanity and self-determination. This series does so in a simple yet unique manner, following an iconoclast family through triumph and defeat to a riveting finale. It belongs squarely between the L'engle time series and His Dark Materials.

Lydia Graham

If you haven't read, they are well worth it


This is a great fantasy trilogy. I like the first book the best, but all three really are great. Author does a great job portraying the fantastical elements and has some really fun new ideas for magic:) The only drawback is that I got bogged down a little in the third book, but I loved the ending!


One of the most consistant series of books I have ever read. Every book was intense, powerful and captivating. I warmed to the central characters completely and still think about this trilogy even years after I read it. Bowman and Kestral are two of the most well rounded and exciting characters I have ever been introduced to. I don't think this trilogy has enough recognition!


This book is for the younger audience, but when read at the right age it genuinely is a stunning set of books. It did have a few images that stuck with me that were perhaps a little too dark for the younger end of the recommended reading age but I remember thinking it was super cool to have a book that dealt with death and other dark things so head on unlike those normal 'happy dappy ending' children's books.Even at a young age I found it hard to get past the made up 'curse words' used but that is something I still, to this day, find hard to get past in any book so I can't mark this book down because of it.its the kind of book that would translate well in to a set of films!I'd advise anyone to give this to their children and to pick it up themselves.

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