Wind on Fire Trilogy – Box Set of 3

ISBN: 0786809272
ISBN 13: 9780786809271
By: William Nicholson Peter Sís

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Reader's Thoughts


This book is one of my all-time favorites!


This is a great fantasy trilogy. I like the first book the best, but all three really are great. Author does a great job portraying the fantastical elements and has some really fun new ideas for magic:) The only drawback is that I got bogged down a little in the third book, but I loved the ending!

Rachel Grey

This is a great young adult adventure series. Like much of the best of its genre it touches on some intense themes about humanity and self-determination. This series does so in a simple yet unique manner, following an iconoclast family through triumph and defeat to a riveting finale. It belongs squarely between the L'engle time series and His Dark Materials.


This book is for the younger audience, but when read at the right age it genuinely is a stunning set of books. It did have a few images that stuck with me that were perhaps a little too dark for the younger end of the recommended reading age but I remember thinking it was super cool to have a book that dealt with death and other dark things so head on unlike those normal 'happy dappy ending' children's books.Even at a young age I found it hard to get past the made up 'curse words' used but that is something I still, to this day, find hard to get past in any book so I can't mark this book down because of it.its the kind of book that would translate well in to a set of films!I'd advise anyone to give this to their children and to pick it up themselves.

Bianca Pretorius

One of my favourites as a young reader.


One of the most consistant series of books I have ever read. Every book was intense, powerful and captivating. I warmed to the central characters completely and still think about this trilogy even years after I read it. Bowman and Kestral are two of the most well rounded and exciting characters I have ever been introduced to. I don't think this trilogy has enough recognition!


I am reading the third book, Firesong, of The Wind on Fire Trilogy. In this book Bowman and Kestrel have their third and final journey. They are joined by their friend Mumpo, their parents and the rest of the Manth people. The Manth people are now looking for their homeland. Their original home was taken over and burned down by bandits, and they were forced to leave. Now they're on a trecherous journey across the land and over the mountains to find the place where they belong. They don't even have a map they have Ira Hath (Bowman and Kestrels mother) who is a decendant of a sourt of fortune teller and every time she is asked if they are close she can't give an exact answer. Many of their people have been killed and they are the only ones left of their people. They have already faced so much danger what else will they run into.


It was just chance that I found the first book in this trilogy, and I never expected to be enthralled by it. An amazing read for anyone wiling to stretch the imagination a little bit.

Jordan Cox

One of the few trilogies that made me cry. I preferred it over Lord of the Rings by far though these books are far more juvenile.


Started strong, ended...not strong..

Lydia Graham

If you haven't read, they are well worth it


This is such an amazing series. The author is a British journalist who works for the BBC, and it's well written with fantastic characters and a very original story. I love it.


it's been years since I read this - but I still think about it now and then. I suppose it's time to re-read it, and remember all of the details I have long since forgotten! :)


read this series with your young adult children - then go visit anywhere outside of a city. They see the landscape as a place visited in the book. We went to the topaz mountain interrment camp, as well as many places in Hawaii and my children commented on how this could be the place where Kestrel and Bowman were when (something) happened. The imagery in the book was very well painted without being long and boring - very un-english (to me that's a good thing).

Iman Adeosun

Read this back in high school so I can't really give it the raving review it deserves. But it's been 8 years or so and I still remember this as one of the best books I've ever read.

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