Women and Men at Work

ISBN: 076198710X
ISBN 13: 9780761987109
By: Irene Padavic Barbara F. Reskin

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About this book

The Second Edition of this best selling book provides a comprehensive examination of the role that gender plays in work environments. This book differs from others by comparing women s and men s work status, addressing contemporary issues within a historical perspective, incorporating comparative material from other countries, recognizing differences in the experiences of women and men from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Relying on both qualitative and quantitative data, the authors seek to link social scientific ideas about workers lives, sex inequality, and gender to the real-world workplace. This new edition contains updated statistics, timely cartoons, and presents new scholarship in the field. It also provides a renewed focus on reasons for variability in inequality across workplaces. In sum, the second edition of Women and Men at Work presents a contemporary perspective to the field, with relevant comparative and historical insights that will draw readers in and connect them to the wider concern of making sense of our dramatically changing world."

Reader's Thoughts


There are a lot of statistics in this book that show proof that women still have a long way to go in terms of equality in the workforce and in domestic work. Even though it was published in 1993 it is still very relevant. It also talks about the social construction of gender - how there are actually very few biological differences between the sexes and by creating gender differentiation we're exaggerating differences and creating some where none exist. Super interesting. Most of our beliefs are subconcious, and this book calls them out. Great read.


Boring but educational.

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