Wonder’s Yearling (Thoroughbred, #6)

ISBN: 006106260X
ISBN 13: 9780061062605
By: Joanna Campbell

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About this book

Is this good-bye?When Samantha McLean hears that her beloved horse, Wonder's Pride, is about to be sold by the owner of the farm where Samantha lives, she thinks her heart will break. But Samantha knows she has to be strong if she's going to save Wonder's Pride from the auction block.The more Samantha finds out, the more hopeless the situation seems. It's not just Wonder's Pride, but all of the Townsend Acres breeding farm that's in danger of destruction.Time is growing desperately short when Samantha turns to her friend Ashleigh Griffen, a legend in the Townsend Acres stables. Ashleigh is eager to help, but what can two young girls do to save an entire farm?

Reader's Thoughts


Loved these when I was obsessed with horses as a kid, but I think it was around here that my attention flagged with this series.


This book was the first one in the Thoroughbred series that didn't have Ashleigh as the main character, the story centered around Samantha McLean and Wonder's Pride and the troubles they encounter after Ashleigh and her parents move away from Townsend Acres. I really felt Samantha's frustration with Brad Townsend and his meddlesome interference with Pride's training and his out and out rudeness to poor Samantha. The deplorable conditions that Townsend Acres falls into due to an inept stable manager left me appalled. I really liked Samantha as the main character and even though Ashleigh wasn't the main character she was still very much a part of the story, and the book itself was a great addition to an already incredible series!

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