Words of Wisdom for Women at the Well: Quenching Your Heart’s Thirst for Love and Intimacy

ISBN: 1553066782
ISBN 13: 9781553066781
By: Shannon Ethridge

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About this book

Does your thirst for love and intimacy seem insatiable? Are you choking on the bitter taste of broken relationships or sexual struggles? Are you ready to taste the Living Water that Jesus offered the Woman at the Well so that she would never thirst again? Experiencing the lavish love of God for yourself is the only way to quench your deep thirst for love and intimacy. Words of Wisdom for Women at the Well can help you: . recognize the neon sign that draws unhealthy men your direction . identify the core issues that pull you into dysfunctional relationships . surrender guilt and shame that lead you to medicate your pain with men . discover the heavenly affair that the Lord passionately draws us into . prepare for stronger, healthier relationships in the future Shannon Ethridge is the founder of Well Women Ministries and speaks regularly on the Teen Mania campus as well as in a variety of church and college settings. Shannon is also the author of Every Woman's Battle and co-author of Every Young Woman's Battle with Stephen Arterburn (published by WaterBrook Press). Shannon and her husband, Greg, live in a log cabin in the piney woods of east Texas with their two children, Erin and Matthew.

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