World that is the Book: Paul Auster�s Fiction

ISBN: 0853236879
ISBN 13: 9780853236870
By: Aliki Varvogli

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About this book

The World that is the Book offers an in-depth analysis of Paul Auster’s fiction. It explores the rich literary and cultural sources that Auster taps into in order to create compelling stories that investigate the nature of language, the workings of chance, and the individual’s complex relations with the world at large. Whereas most Auster criticism has concentrated on readings of individual novels, this book emphasizes the continuity in Auster’s writing by discussing throughout the philosophical underpinnings that lead the author to question the boundaries separating the fictional from the factual, and the real from the imagined.

Reader's Thoughts

Guy Salvidge

This is a fine book. I didn't read every word, but it did give me a good overview of Auster's central concerns. This book is very cheap on Book Depository, so it's worth a read at a bargain price.

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