Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (10th Edition)

ISBN: 0321486439
ISBN 13: 9780536474735
By: Laurence M. Behrens Leonard J. Rosen

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About this book

Each chapter of the reader is structured around a single topic, with articles that reflect different disciplines, viewpoints, and ways of writing. This approach exposes students to a range of models chosen to broaden their disciplinary horizons and sustain their interest. Along with updated classic chapters on Cinderella, Obedience to Authority, Biotechnology, and Business Ethics, the sixth edition includes four new chapters: The Wal-Mart Wars; Left, Right, Center: The American Political Spectrum; Privacy and Technology; and From Fiction to Film: Exploring the Film Adaptation. In addition to the interesting readings in Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum is the unique rhetoric, which provides step-by-step instruction on the skills of summary, critique, and synthesis, as well as to the elements and writing process of the research paper. New to this edition are readings, intended to develop writing skills, are now related to topics in the reader, and an expanded and updated treatment of electronic sources.

Reader's Thoughts

John Frydrych

great textbook

Fredrick Danysh

Designed for teachers, this publication describes the skills and techniques to write in any educational subject not just language arts.


Considering this for my Principles of Composition course.


This one's pretty good. I like it because the assignments help you teach critical thinking, not just the reading of simple stories. Gets kinda boring after a while, just being entertained, doesn’t it? Where’s the challenge? Where’s the beef? Meatless, substance-less writing has become the norm--the main reason so many students have become academically and intellectually soft. This is the brief version of the popular cross—curricular classic of source-based writing. And it doesn't just show you how to write / read / think well; it also has some thought provoking essays. Better than most readers, actually: good variety, challenging, and contemporary. This abbreviated version, of course, has a rhetoric section that covers the basic skills required to think well (who thinks in complete strings of knowledge) because we all need to think in clumps or patterns via the summary, critique, and synthesis. This one's good because it takes students step-by-step through the process of writing papers based on source material. The best part about this reader / writer is that it focuses on argument that which one needs to make all types of personal decisions. If you're interested in improving your thinking and writing, this is a great place to do it.


Used this to teach an academic writing class. It worked well.

Amy Kalvig

I've been using this book for several semesters, and, find it to be one of the most complete textbooks for an entry-level composition class. The readings in the anthology section are good, however, getting stale after several semesters of use.This is a solid textbook and I highly recommend it.

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