Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings, Concise Edition (4th Edition)

ISBN: 0321412893
ISBN 13: 9780321412898
By: John D. Ramage John C. Bean June Johnson John Bean

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Reader's Thoughts


I give this book two stars not so much because it's poor, but because I was using it as part of an online class, and you don't get the full benefit of the book in that environment. In a classroom, where you actually do the suggested exercises and such as a group, I think it would be a really good textbook to use -- the exercises seemed like they'd be very enjoyable.All in all, it's a good overview of different styles of writing, some of which I'd never used for academic papers before (ethical arguments, for instance). The book is also very readable, which is a definite plus when it comes to textbooks.


For a debate-idiot like myself this was great. For help with critical thinking and exploring the other side of an issue (for example, after going back and forth many times fairly deeply on each side of the Legalization of Drugs issue, philosophically I am definitely Pro-legalization now) this book is even better.

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