Writing Kind of Day, A

ISBN: 1590782763
ISBN 13: 9781590782767
By: Ralph Fletcher april Ward

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Reader's Thoughts

Ms. Brown

Thoughtful, funny, sad. These poems make me want to write my own!Ralph Fletcher is my new favourite poet.


Genre: Poetry Number of pages: 32 Grade level/age: 3rd-8th grade Theme: writing process Summary: This is the day to write! Ralph Fletcher takes his readers on a journey to discover the process of writing poems. Expressing that poems do not always have to rhyme; but they can. They do not always have to be funny, they can be serious too. Personal Response: At first, I did not like this book. I thought that the words in his poems did not play with each other enough to be considered a poem. However, after reading it again, I realize that poems don't always have to be light-hearted or rhyme. Poetry is often a way to express your feelings. Classroom Use: This book contains so many different types of poems that it is difficult to pick my favorite. But, while I was looking on the internet for some activities that I could do with the class, I came across this website. It has a list of sentences that are alliterations. http://www.proteacher.com/cgi-bin/out... Check it out!


This book helps students get into the art of writing poetry. From this book students can get ideas and see actual poems written. They can learn about different styles of poetry and they can realize that you can write a poem about anything really.


What I loved about these poems was how Fletcher made them seem like they were written by a young child. He's made a living just focusing on kids and poetry. His positive reputation is well deserved.


Fabulous poetry collection. I love how the poems in this book are about writing poems and the joys and frustrations that come from it. Definitely a collection I would love to add to my classroom library.

Jamie Tedesco

This would be a good example to use to show that every writing has a purpose and that that purpose can change or even be interpreted in many ways.


This book is written as a collection of poems that almost tells the story of a boy throughout the course of a day. Although it isn't for certain that it is one day, it starts with a beginning of day poem and finishes with a nighttime poem, so one could assume that the events could have all occurred in the course of a single day.I think this book is powerful for students because they can explore different elements of poetry through the eyes of a peer writing poetry. They can learn about white space, line breaks and even simile and metaphors through the eyes of a young middle school child. I would definitely recommend this book to share with students about to take part in writing their own poetry. It can serve as an example of how to incorporate their own lives into the poems they write.


I discovered Ralph Fletcher through a book called Grandpa Never Lies. I used it to teach visualizing because his words were so lyrical. As I explored more of his work, I discovered that he is a poet. I've been enjoying his work so much and am eager to share it with my students.

Esther Choi

This poetry book teaches how to write poetry from nothing. It goes over parts of speech, writer’s block, five-paragraph essays, metaphor, the creative process, etc. All the poems in this book have multiple layers of meaning. Some were written about the most random things. The message of the author is that anything can be poetry. It would be really good to use with students in 5th and 6th grade when they are learning that poems don't always have to rhyme, and that anything with emotion and feeling can be poetry. Interest Level: 4-6Grade Level Equivalent: N/AGuided Reading Level: N/ALexile: N/AGenre: PoetryTheme: Poetry, creative process, figurative language, parts of speech, writing with meaning


4K got this first.

Megan Staten

This is a collection of poetry about writing. Some of them rhyme, which would be a great way to instruct children. The poems also show how every piece of writing has a purpose.

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