Yellow Dog Party (Thomas Black, #6)

ISBN: 0345377168
ISBN 13: 9780345377166
By: Earl Emerson

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About this book

Four businessmen hire Thomas Black to track down the women they had loved from a distance and lost, but Black uncovers a murder and a deadly plot that ensnares them all.

Reader's Thoughts

aPriL purrs 'n hisses

While I figured out who done it, the action and the characters saved the book from a three star rating. Thomas gets the kind of scare which usually means PTSD for life, and he must rescue some very winsome damsels or die trying, and you are with him every step of the way.

Jeff Dickison

Pretty good P.I. mystery story. This book reads like a shamus novel from the 40's or 50's, which is a decided bonus in my book. Thomas Black is a series character that I look forward to reading again. Recommended to mystery fans.


YELLOW DOG PARTY - VGEmerson, Earl - 6th in seriesNo self-respecting P.I. would ever touch it: four successful businessmen want Thomas Black to track down the four women they've had secret crushes on for years and set up "dream dates" with them. Naturally, Black makes no bones about telling the buttoned-down lotharios he thinks the case is a dog. But he's persuaded by his partner, Kathy, to swallow his pride and pick up the scent.Then the trail of one of the so-called dreamgirls leads to a very real woman who's been battered into a coma, and what began as a lark quickly becomes an albatross around Black's neck. But it takes a brutal double murder, and the disappearance of another dream girl, to make Thomas Black realize he was right in the first place. The case is a dog...and it has a bite that kills.Very enjoyable

Bonnie Gayle

Didn't like how the book began. It throws you into things, crazy stuff happens, and you are really really lost for about 15 pages. I got the book used, and checked to make sure that pages hadn't been ripped out. That's how abrupt the beginning is. If you can get past that, the book is actually a good read. It takes place in Seattle, which is a instant star bonus for me:) There's a bit of a romance for the main character, which is another star bonus, and the mystery is a good one, which is the rest of the stars. Want the plot? Okay. The private investigator is hired by 4 guys to find their long lost dream crushes, like a centerfold from a Playboy, or someone they passed on the street, but as he looks for these women, he finds that their life is in danger, and his is as well. There are enough twist and turns, and a bit of humor to make this an interesting read, just be prepared to say "huh?" a lot in the beginning. I would like to give this 3.5, but I erred on the side of generosity, and gave it a 4.


I found this a little hard to get into but liked the local settings and the two main characters.

Dale Rosso

Another great entry in the Thomas Black series.

Karen Hardy

Love it. I have most of the others in the series and find it funny and light reading.

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