Youth, Heart of Darkness, the End of the Tether

ISBN: 0192816268
ISBN 13: 9780192816269
By: Joseph Conrad Robert Kimbrough

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About this book

"The three stories in this volume lay no claim to unity of artistic purpose. The only bond between them is that of the time in which they were written." Thus Conrad, in his Author's Note of 1917, qualifies his later statement that the stories represent the three ages of man--youth, maturity and age. Together on one volume we see that he did not set out to write about three separate periods of life, but rather that he wrote about life from three separate points of view.

Reader's Thoughts


Heart of Darkness is a complex novel. Conrad's writing displays excellent character development and influential themes.

Teri Wehage

Youth is incredible 5+ stars. HOD I Rate as a 4, just my opinion.

Keith Miller

Youth; Heart of Darkness; The End of the Tether (Penguin Classics) by Joseph Conrad (1995)


An interesting look at the "Ages of Man": youth, middle age and old age. Conrad is unsparing.


Two-for-one offers are usually crap. You feel like you are getting more, but the add-ons are rubbish, anyway. Not so with this. I brought it for the highly recommended 'Heart of Darkness'(after seeing Apocalypse Now, nach) and ended up also getting absorbed in the short story 'Youth'in a big way. Oozing with sentiment.


Conrad is one of the most influential writers of the modern era. His narrative and character development set a precedence for nearly everything written in the 20th and 21st century. Along with Steinbeck, I'm not sure I can name another author I enjoy reading more. I remember HoD being of one those summer reading books that was tortuous in high school. Reading it twelve years later, I'm baffled at how I did not appreciate it more the first time...I'm sure it's due to maturity and exposure to other literature, or maybe it was just poor teaching. Either way, I look forward to falling back on this collection of short stories years into the future.


over-rated classic. not impressed.

John Guild

"Heart of Darkness" is important, but "Youth" is the real treasure here. One of the greatest short stories in the English language, it's unfortunately too long for certain high school British Literature textbooks. It's also one of the better examples of Conrad's humor ("I thought people who had been blown up deserved more attention."). Great collection.


Only read Youth so far, and for the most it's an informative and well drawn picture of life at sea in the nineteenth century. However if you're middle aged and struggling a bit, the conclusion lessens the enticement of the following two tales.

Evan Dilauro

3 fine stories. Each an exploration into the minds of briny men from a world that no longer exists.


Bought it because it seems such a landmark book and because I loved Apocolypse Now so much (strongly connected to the book). Started it, fund it a bit slow and haven't got back to it but will one day.


I have a different edition of this, but it contains the same stories (mostly). I have only read Youth, thus far. Youth was great. I look forward to reading the rest of the stories in the book.


Simbolu simboli un valoda reizēm kā džungļi, tomēr arī ribās iecērt pamatīgi.


A classic...and a good one

John A

I'm reading Heart of Darkness, for a funny reason.

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